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The Village Carcass is removed
The vermin are still whining but the carcass of the dead Villages is finally dissolved.
It has been 9 years since the County bureaucrat helped folk "remove the community" from the bylaws so that the folk could do what they were able to do: nothing.

Now, will the County do what is needed to revitalize the CPOs?
or will they look for other "bosses" to dictate what 5000 people "want"?

2008-0108: Still no apology from Dougherty/Reeves/Applegate/Roth for the "silently" changing agendas, incomplete agendas, hidden (important) agenda items, (see Jan 8 mtg, Dec. 4 mtg, Aug. 21, 2007, and a commentary.
=> since they are stonewalling and unrepentant, one might conclude deceit.
...or, some of them, have "passed on" unrepentant.

did you know....

Salem is hiring multiple people for same req
    - up to 31 people/requsition,
    - 19000 "double filled" positions,
and you get to pay for it.

You paid folk to create Jan/June forecast maps: with reality being

are't you glad you are paying them big dollars to have do this?
=> and the "bosses" will micromange them (and you)


  1. 2019-0609: noctilucent clouds seen in Oregon
    this is very unusual, likly sign of oncoming cold weather.
  2. Glacier National Park: note that they are taking down the "glaciers gone by 2020"
    since they apparenly aren't correct.
    => also note the glaciers have been "growing" since 2012....

9 years dead, carcuss of
   The Villages at Mt. Hood
   formerly animated by vicious vermim
has been destroyed

But the County is up to it again!
Clackamas County's
Board of County Commissioners

Agenda Policy Meeting of January 10, 2017
a. want "people to represent mountain
b. think great if one (ignorable) person has district to represent the rural areas
(so the real, urban people don't have to pay attention or worry about votes)
Rhododendron Community Planning Organization Boundary Change
Gary Schmidt, Amy Kyle
presentation Audio of meeting !

Villages of the Darned!
avoid dealing with people who have proven to be treacherous and dishonest
like these darned folk?

Someday 2020?
Mt Hood Corridor CPO
Court Rules:
"Kip: pay $70,000!!"

September 21, 2019

out of district

maybe someday a Citizens Participation organization will represent the Mountain community...