The Darned Villages folk are given $500 of tax dollars to spend on necessary expenditures. Things like:
  1. secretarial support to write the minutes
  2. post office box
  3. paying for rooms for public meetings
Here are the recent "Tresurers Reports" and some of the checks they have written.
Every items should have and approved resolution to pay and a valid receipt showing that the money has actually been spend.

Of course, ethics (and Oregon law) indicate they should not be allocating and spending these dollars for their personal benefit.
  1. Tresurer's Report 2013-01-12 to 2013-0205
  2. Tresurer's Report 1012-12-04 to 2013-01-12
  3. Tresurer's Report 1012-11-04 to 2013-01-12
  4. $336 Check for George Wilson - 2012-11-06
  5. Checks Written in November
  6. Tresurer's Report 1012-11-01 to 2011-12-04
  7. Tresurer's Report 1012-10-03 to 2012-11-01