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The purpose of this web site is to keep the communities of the Mt. Hood Corridor informed on the antics of the hijacked Clackamas County Complete Communities - Villages at Mt. Hood.

No longer an "official" site for the Villages, I am now free to add commentary and insight.

As one of the Chief Petitioners in the formation of this Village, I have been thoroughly disgusted by what some for the Board members, in collusion with the Clackamas County Employee filling the role of "Liaison", have done to the idea of representing the community to the Board of County Commissioners.

Ranging from outright lying to the Commissioners (who chose to ignore the problem) to railroading through a new set of bylaws, with the assistance of the County Liaison, that gave them open season on making up things to tell the Commissioners. A couple of the Board member maligned the webmeister for actually making Board materials available to the community!

As a result, I resigned from the Board of Directors when it became clear that the chair was willing to use deceit to accomplish her means.

This was after a long, bloody period where other Board members enlisted personal friends to repeatedly viciously slander, libel, and rumor monger the members of the Board who actually wanted to accomplish things for the Community.

The Villages is now a "talk-a-thon" of posturing and self pontification. The 14 projects that had been brought forward have been impeded with only *2* projects left, and those 2 predate the Villages!

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