Villages at Mt. Hood
a Clackamas County Complete Communities Village
to become a
Supported Activity

I. Activity Title: Villages at Mt. Hood Community Park & Recreation Facility

II. Community Need/Rationale:

     There is an increasing need for a centrally-located community park and recreation facility for the daily use of residents of the Villages at Mt. Hood and visitors to the community; including an outdoor amphitheater in a natural setting (with adequate parking areas and seating for at least 2,000 people) to hold entertainment events such as music concerts, live theater productions, movies, etc.  Also essential for our community park would be recreational facilities such as picnic pavilions with barbecues and picnic tables/benches; a community history display center; a multiple use volleyball and badminton court (grass surface); horseshoe pits; a Frisbee Disc golf course; tennis courts and a basketball court (concrete surfaces); an open (grass) athletic field for soccer, softball and touch or flag football; and a nature hiking, running and biking trail.  Development of these facilities would require an area of at least 15 acres in size.

III. Proposed Location, Background Information and Rationale: 

     A 15-acre site located within Clackamas County Parks and Recreation Department's Cedar Ridge property on the south side of Highway 26, configured as follows: The front portion of Miller Road and one acre east of that road and two acres directly south of that acre (a total of three acres), plus three acres west of Miller Road along the south side of Highway 26 and the land area behind those three acres that extends south (toward Salmon River) to a depth of four acres inland from Highway 26 (a total of 12 acres).  This portion of land within the Cedar Ridge property is mostly flat, centrally-located within the Villages at Mt. Hood boundaries, and is exceptionally well suited for development of our planned community park and recreation facility for the residents of the Villages at Mt. Hood.                             
     In addition, this proposed site is also within the Clackamas County Sewer District and next to the Mt. Hood Village Water Company, and most of the trees on this land that would be cleared for development of our community park and recreation facility are cottonwood and alder, with a smaller number of evergreen and maple trees, most of which would be perfect to maintain for a natural park setting.

     It is understood that on July 6th of this year the Mt. Hood Corridor Community Planning Organization (CPO) voted on and responded in writing to the Clackamas County proposal to sell and trade county lands by stating the following regarding this Cedar Ridge land south of Highway 26:  "The land south of Highway 26 should sell to the Western Rivers Conservancy.  The intent of the sale should be to trade the land to the BLM and keep the land designated as recreational and managed as part of the Salmon River and Wild and Scenic corridor."

      However, that recommendation was made before it was discovered that the Clackamas County land proposed initially for development of a community center park around the new community center site off Salmon River Road in Welches (next to the present Senior Center and Day Care/Preschool building) was too small and inadequate for that purpose.  Upon investigation it was learned that some of that county land had already been traded to a private land owner for commercial development (in return for 40 acres of forest land that is not suitable for this project).

      The remaining county land that might have been available on the southeastern and southern sides of the community center is considered too hilly and steep except for a possible nature hiking trail, and it is already scheduled to be traded to the U.S. Forest Service for designation as a wilderness area in return for other forest land located too far away.  Those actions have now left our community without adequate county land around the community center for development of a suitable community park and recreation facility.

     The Villages at Mt. Hood Strategic Planning Committee had already established this subcommittee of volunteer residents to plan and develop our community park and recreation facility, including determining the type of recreation and entertainment facilities needed and identifying and determining a suitable location on either county, state or federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ands.  Subcommittee members subsequently investigated and learned of the above described shortcomings concerning the county land surrounding the community center site.

     After further investigation, subcommittee members determined that the proposed 15-acre site on the county's Cedar Ridge property is really the only suitable, centrally-located, county, state, federal or private land available for development of our community park and recreation facility, and this proposal also meets the Mt. Hood Corridor CPO recommendation to keep the land (we desire) designated as recreational.

     This subcommittee and other Strategic Planning Committee members consider that it is much more realistic, desirable and sensible to ask Clackamas County now to agree to reserve this proposed 15-acre site on the south side of their Cedar Ridge property for development of our community park and recreation facility.  Reserving this 15-acre site for our community's use would still leave the county with approximately 90+ remaining acres in the southern section of their Cedar Ridge property to sell to the Western Rivers Conservancy for later sale to the BLM.

      We firmly believe that alternative will be the most beneficial for our community, rather than allowing the planned sale of all the Cedar Ridge land (including our proposed 15-acre site) to go forward to the Western Rivers Conservancy.  That total sale action would then force the Villages at Mt. Hood to negotiate with either the Western Rivers Conservancy or the BLM to obtain use of that land for our community park and recreation facility, and it is very doubtful that either agency would agree to the development of the recreational and entertainment facilities that we have planned and our community needs.

IV.  Organization Name: Subcommittee for Development of Villages at Mt.  
       Hood Community Park and Recreation Facility.

       What is the organization?    A subcommittee of the Villages at Mt.   
       Hood Strategic Planning Committee composed of volunteer residents.

       Leader(s)/Coordinator(s) names and positions appointed to date: 
        Keith Schacher  -       Chairman and Public Affairs/Information Officer
        Bob Moore       -       Vice Chairman
        Tom Well        -       Recreation/Athletic Facilities Planning Director
        George Wilson   -       Park Design Planning Director and Entertainment  
                                                     Facility/Events Planning Director
        Lenny Kirschner-        Entertainment Events Coordinator
        Mike Wells      -       Government Support Coordinator
       Names of other leadership group members (volunteers to date): 
         Pat Buckley, Lora Buckley                                             

V.   What is needed from Clackamas County (agency, resources,    

      Agency:        Applying for grants from County, State, Federal agencies.
      Resources:   Retention of proposed 15-acre site owned by Parks and
                              Recreation for specific use of the Villages at Mt. Hood as
                               a Community Park and  Recreation Facility.
      Standing:      Planning and working with Clackamas Board of County                                                             Commissioners, Parks and Recreation Department,
                        Department of Transportation and Development, and
                       Sewer District; and with our District's state legislators,
                              various federal agencies, Mt. Hood Corridor CPO, Mt. 
                                Hood Village Water Co., Hoodland Fire Department,
                       Villages at Mt. Hood Tourism Marketing Alliance, local 
                 businesses and fraternal organizations, work force
                volunteers, etc.

VI.  Summarize Activities and Accomplishments to date:
        A.   Formation of subcommittee and recruiting of volunteers to serve
on subcommittee.  (A work in progress).  First subcommittee planning meeting was held on Thursday evening, August 31, 2006, at Hoodland Fire Station.
        B.  Meetings held with officials at Clackamas County Planning and
Engineering Divisions and Construction Specialist Bill Garity at the Department of Transportation and Development; Tom Ortman, Natural Resources Coordinator for Clackamas County Forestry Service; and two meetings with Dan Zinzer, Director of  Clackamas County Parks and Recreation Department.

        C.  Investigation and inspection of Clackamas County Parks and Recreation land around the Community Center/Senior Center and Preschool/Day Care site in Welches east of Salmon River Road, inspection of cross-country and hiking trails in the forest on the south side of the Oregon Trails School District property in Welches, and inspection of the county Parks and Recreation's Cedar Ridge property on the south side of Highway 26 west of Mt. Hood Village and on both sides of Miller Road.

        D.  Preparation of preliminary planning document; listing the   purpose and
need for our community park and recreation facility, proposed location site, planned recreational and entertainment facilities, proposed infrastructure facilities needed, volunteer work force needed, support needed from local fraternal and business organizations, and support needed from government agencies/officials and community organizations.

        E.  Coordination with members of the Strategic Planning Committee and meetings held with county and community officials, managers of local organizations and businesses.

        F.  Preparation of the proposed application to become a supported activity of the Villages at Mt. Hood for presentation to the Board of Directors, the Board of County Commissioners, and to community residents at the next Town Hall meeting in November.

VII.  How has the Activity been funded to date?    Volunteers.

VIII. How will being "supported" change that?

     A.  Reserving the proposed 15-acre land site on the county's Cedar
           Ridge property for use by the Villages at Mt. Hood will enable us
               to plan and develop our community park and recreation facility in
               an ideal centrally-located area within the Clackamas County
             Sewer District and near the Mt. Hood Village Water Company.

           B.  We will have the ability to apply for state and federal grants as a
                Clackamas County "Village."

           C.  With the county's recognition as a supported activity, we can
              begin final plans, development and building of our community 
           park and recreation facility.  We firmly believe it will provide
        valuable recreational and entertainment facilities for our youth,
               adult residents and visitors, and will increase tourism in our
          area and greatly benefit present and future local businesses.

IX.  Map and sketch of proposed Community Park and Recreation
       Facility.   Please see the attached map of the proposed site and     
       sketch of our proposed Community Park and Recreation Facility.

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