Villages at Mt. Hood
a Clackamas County Complete Communities Village
Supported Activity

I. Activity Title: __ Bike Paths - Welches Road, Salmon River Road________________
     Town Hall Status Report - November 18, 2006
II. Community Need/Rationale:

The many of the roads within the Villages at Mt. Hood were laid out and built during the period of horse and pedestrian transportation. They are not well suited for mixed use automobile, bike, and pedestrian as they are:
   a) only paved for auto use
   b) the ROW is generally narrow
   c) auto traffic is moderately high for a mixed use scenario and the speeds tend to be high

This Activity will extend earlier actions to get two of the main roads into planning projects by working with the county on that planning and then resolving what the next steps, if any, are. The expectation is that the supporters of the activity will need to work with the county and private land owners for sufficient ROW and other agencies for potential funding.

See end this web page for map.

III. Name of organization: Barlow Trail Association_____ Web site:_ www.BarlowTrail.org__
     Is the organization: incorporated? __ XX__community group? ______informal group?____
     Leader/coordinator name: __ Susan Corwin____________________________
     Leadership group members names:
            Barlow Trail Association

IV. What is needed from Clackamas County (agency, resources, standing)?

Agency: applying for grants
Resources: attention from DTD
Standing: working with the county on the planning

V. Summarize Activities and accomplishments to date:

Through the actions of the Barlow Trail Association and the Villages at Mt. Hood Strategic Planning Committee, the Clackamas County has included two planning projects in the 5 year CIP: (see


Salmon River Rd. bike lane

Hwy 26 to Welches Road

Evaluate widening to provide bikeway on shoulder

Project Development 2006/07 - 2007/08


Welches Road bike lane

Hwy 26 to Salmon River Road

Evaluate widening to provide bikeway on shoulder

Project Development 2006/07 - 2007/08

VI. How has the Activity been funded to date?

       How will being "supported" change that

It is essential to have "standing as Clackamas County DTD starts the investigation as to what it takes to make Welches Road and Salmon River Road "safer" for bikes and pedestrians.

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