Villages at Mt. Hood
a Clackamas County Complete Communities Village

Supported Activity

I. Activity Title_Villages at Mt. Hood "Mountain Express Bus"_________

II. Community Need/Rationale:

The lack of mass transit connectivity to Sandy and Portland.

III. Name of leading organization: _Mountian Express Bus Committee___ Web site:_________________
          1. Is the organization: incorporated? ______community group? __XX__informal group?____
          2. Leader/coordinator name:_Bob Reeves_______________________________
          3. Leadership group members names:
                         community supporters

IV. What is needed from Clackamas County (agency, resources, standing)?

Agency: ODOT wants a public entity to deal with for funding
Standing: MOUs with City of Sandy, businesses, and others.

V. Summarize Activities and accomplishments to date.

For the past 20 months, the Mountain Express Bus is actively provides transportation service for the Villages at Mt. Hood. Starting in Rhododendron it has numerous stops on route to Sandy where connections can be made to the Sandy Transit System and Portland’s Metro service, allowing riders to reach other destinations as well as shopping, doctors, school activities, and medical services at reasonable cost. The bus had about 1000 riders/month in 2005. The ridership demographics indicate strong usage by seniors, disabled, and after school youth.

VI. How has the Activity been funded to date?
           ODOT grant

     How will being "supported" change funding sources?
         allow continuation of the grant


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