Villages at Mt. Hood
a Clackamas County Complete Communities Village

Villages at Mt. Hood
Town Hall Meeting
November 18, 2006

Supported Activity Status Report
US26 Pedestrian Paths and Streetscape

Action requested: You can help!
see request for
        public comment
        Public Meetings Schedule

  • Send comments in support by November 30th to
          Patricia R. Fisher
         ODOT Transportation Enhancement Program
         355 Capitol St NE #326
         Salem, OR 97301
  • Key points to make:
        o Ped path for kids:
               from school to Youth Center and neighborhoods
       o Ped path for community
               from Community Center/Fire Station to Shopping            Center/Business/neighborhoods
       o improve viewshed of the US26 Scenic Byway in this
                rural recreation area
       o improve support for bus with ped waiting areas

        · Ranked #2 in non-Metro Region 1!!!
           (out of 8)
          · ODOT has $12 million, project requests total $66 million
              (our request is $593,942)
     1. Additional Letters of Support submitted:
                 Mt. Hood Corridor CPO,
                 Clackamas County Ped/Bike Advisory Committee
          this is in addition to:
                 Villages BOD, Bill Kennemer, Patti Smith, Welches School,
                Forest Service, Mt. Hood Coalition Against Drug Crime, and
               Hoodland Fire District
     2. Clackamas County BCC agreed to "guarantee" the soft match
           of the Barlow Trail Association!!

Next Steps

  1. Get more Letters of Support by November 30th
  2. MOU with County on how to execute if awarded
  3. Wait for award decisions
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