Villages at Mt. Hood
a Clackamas County Complete Communities Village
Supported Activity

I. Activity Title: Stream Corridor Restoration Projects

II. Community Need/Rationale:

There are several sites, some identified and some to be identified, where the stream corridor, banks, and bed are less than optimal for native fisheries. Significant restoration work will result in major improvement in the fish habitat and the recovery of native fish runs. We are working with the US Forest Service. the Sandy River Basin Watershed Council and others to improve the identified sites and on planning for future sites.

III. Name of organization: Mt. Hood Corridor CPO_____ Web site:___
       in conjunction with Mt. Hood Stewardship Council
        Is the organization: incorporated?                   Council community group? CPO
        Leader/coordinator name: __Don Mench - Chair Mt. Hood Corridor CPO, and
                                                                  Mt Hood Stewardship Council

       Leadership group members names:

Community members who attend the County sponsored Mt. Hood Corridor Citizens Participation Organization (CPO) meetings on the first Thursday of every month, many community ad-hoc volunteers who come out to help.

in partnership with Duane Bishop - USFS,
                                     Russ Plaeger- Sandy River Basin Watershed Council

IV. What is needed from Clackamas County (agency, resources, standing)?
       Agency: ability to apply for state and federal grants
      Resources: staff time for expediting the conditional use permit process
      Standing: MOUs with other jurisdictions - City of Sandy, Portland Water Bureau, etc

V. Summarize Activities and accomplishments to date.

New and ongoing projects:
  1) The Wee Burn Stream culvert replacement project, Welches Road, The Resort at the Mountain
  2) Clear Creek Wetland site, Lolo Pass Road north of the Sandy River bridge
  3) Salmon River - Arrah Wanna side-channel habitat enhancement, downstream of Arrah Wanna bridge
  4) Waterways Nutrient Enhancement Project (salmon carcass) - various places

The community is working will with the other groups and local land owners on the projects and this is expected to continue.

VI. How has the Activity been funded to date?
       Funding includes volunteers, USFS, SRBWC, OWEB, CC Title II federal funds and more

      How will being "supported" change that
                   Standing to work with and as Clackamas County on future projects


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