Villages at Mt. Hood 
Clackamas County Complete Communities Village

May 17, 2007


TO: Chris Roth, County Liaison, Hamlets and Villages
FROM: Steven Lounsbury
RE: Objections from Susan Corwin: Bylaw amendment process
CC: Martha Schrader, Lynn Peterson, Bill Kennemer, Jonathan Mantay

Dear Chris:

Per your request, I reviewed the letter Susan Corwin faxed to the Commissioners yesterday expressing concerns about the Villages at Mt. Hood (“Villages”) bylaw amendment process.

The Villages adopted a bylaw amendment process on December 19, 2006. It requires that the Villages Board forward proposed bylaw changes to the BCC for approval prior to presentation for first reading at a Town Hall meeting. The proposed amendments are then voted on during the next Town Hall meeting.

In looking at the Villages website, I note that the bylaw amendment issue has been under consideration during the past several months. Consistent with their process, the first reading could at the August Town Hall, after the BCC approves the changes, followed by a vote at the next Town Hall in November. This timeline would ensure that the bylaw changes are completed within one-year from the effective date of the new Ordinance (03-2007). Per our discussion, a draft of the proposed bylaw changes could be furnished at the Town Hall this Saturday, for informational purposes, as this could be a helpful step in generating community awareness and input on the proposed changes.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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