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Sent: Monday, July 23, 2007 2:26 PM
To:;; Bob Reeves;; Nancy Dougherty; Rick Applegate;;; Judith Norval
Subject: FW: Draft bylaws and study session date

<<Villages bylaw draft 7-20-07 final revision.doc>>
Good afternoon everyone, attached is the final draft of the proposed bylaw revision.  It is scheduled to go to study session on Tuesday, July 31 at 9:15 in the BCC Conference Room.  If the draft is approved by the BCC, it can be forwarded to the August Town Hall for an up/down vote.

There has been some confusion about the process and how many readings at what meetings are needed.  Your bylaws are clear.  They require appropriate notice, a vote of the Board of Directors, presentation to and approval by the  BCC and forwarding to the next Town Hall.  The bylaws also require citizens to have access to the bylaws at least 7 days prior to the Town Hall.  The draft has been posted on the county web site and both the Mountain Times and Sandy Post have a copy.

The resolutions passed in December addressing how bylaws were to be modified were never included in your bylaws, so the current version of the bylaws takes precedence over the resolution.

If you have any questions, please call me.


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