Subject: Two Major issues with the new bylaws for The Villages of Mount Hood

    I have two major issue with the "Revised Bylaws" for The Villages of Mount Hood.

1. Article VI:  Board of Directors / Section 5. Officers.

    The Board shall choose a chair, secretary and treasurer from it's members.

     I believe that it should say that both the Rhododendron and Mount Hood Corridor CPOs shall serve with equal status as officers of the Board and vote on all Board approved activities.

2. Article IX:  Funding / Section 1.

    The village may generate revenue through a range of means, including contributions, grants and volunteer fund raising activities.  All such funds must be deposited with and administered by the county on behalf of the village.  The village may enter into agreements for the sharing of revenue with the county.  If approved by a vote of the citizens AT A TOWN HALL MEETING, the board may also request that the BCC take any of the following actions.

     I believe this should say "If approved by a vote of the citizens in a general election."

Subsection a.

    Fund proposed activities within the boundaries of the village through the establishment of a TAX, FEE OR OTHER CHARGE.  The BCC may implement such a recommendation if the TAX, FEE OR OTHER CHARGE is permitted by law.  The revenue thus generated is intended to support the delivery of enhanced level of service, and the level of service would not otherwise be provided from appropriated county funds.

If I understand this correctly, "A handful of people can attend a Town Hall Meeting and vote to empower The Villages of Mount Hood Board of Directors to request the Board of County Commissioners to "ESTABLISH A TAX, FEE OR OTHER CHARGE" upon all the mountain residents and property owners without voter approval in a general election.

I suggest you read Page 9 of the Mountain Times very carefully and show up at the Town Hall Meeting on August 8, 2007.


Reed "Luke" Lucas
Rhododendron, Oregon