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Thursday, April 12, 2007
Hoodland Fire Station meeting room
US 26

Meeting: 7:00-9:00


Link to minutes of meeting
<<<none have been made available>>

  1. Process for board action on citizen complaint
    1. Chris Roth Document of 2007-0118
  2. Process to amend and update village bylaws
    1. Dec. 12 2006 BOD policy on Bylaw Changes
  3. Developing a system to prioritize supported activities
    1. Chris Roth Document of 2007-0118
    2. Corwin: Prioritization of Volunteer Activities
    3. Applegate: Prioritization of Activities
  4. Review of first 5 pages of Bylaws
    1. "Decisions" from Bylaw Development - Jan-Mar 2006
    2. Current Village Bylaws Feb 24, 2007
    3. Clackamas County Template on manditory inclusions Apr 9, 2007
    4. Schacher/Wilson RecCorrToBylawsChg.doc

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