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Clackamas County Liason:

Chris Roth
Staff Assistant
Board of County Commissioners
Clackamas County
2051 Kaen Road
Oregon City, Or 97045
Phone: 503-655-8581
Fax: 503-742-5919

Clackamas County Villages Bylaws Template
     Bylaw Template Word April 9, 2007
     Bylaw Template PDF March 29, 2007

Clackamas County Ordinance NO. 03-2007
    "An Ordinance Repealing Chapter 2.10 of the
     Clackamas County Code, Community
     Connections, and Adopting a new Chapter 2.10 of
     the Clackamas County Code
     Governing the Formation and Operation of Hamlets
      and Villages in Clackamas County"

Clackamas County
     Complete Communities page

Board of County Commissioners
     Order #2006-43 Forming Villages at Mt. Hood

Clackamas County Ordinance NO. 06-2005
   "An Ordinance Adding a New Chapter 2.10,
     Community Connections, to the Clackamas
     County Code"


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