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Never ascribe to Maliciousness what can be explained by Incompetence


Your Tax Dollars at non-Work

As of the end of August, 2007, the County, in the person of Chris Roth, was made responsible for being the "web site" for the this particular Clackamas County Advisory Board. None of the other Hamlets have allowed/depended upon the County for this much work.

This was based on a motion by Bob Reeves and Rick Applegate.The reason for the change was that Rick Applegate was adamant that previous Web site had "stuff" on it (unspecified) that the community shouldn't see (like Rick's false letter to the Commissioners, maybe?). If Mr. Applegate were actually serious and aboveboard, he would have identified "what" was wrong and had it corrected. But he did not do that.

The result has right up there with worst expectations of county bureaucracy.
Last month, there were 3 separate agendas (see the meeting page for details).

Once again we seem to have bumbling guaranteed to confuse people and make sure that they don't attend a meeting:
    - The Roth Agenda (here)
is somewhat different from the very confusing Dougherty/Reeve's Agenda (or, should we say "Ajenda" since that is what they call it?) here. They seem to have formatting problems, dropped the meeting time (maybe it starts at midnight?), and dropped the "staff report" (whatever that is)

What is with these guys?
Are they really this sloppy/incompetent or are they really trying to hide stuff from the community?

Inquiring minds would like to know......
What was on the County web site as of December 20, 2007                       ....and the problems

The Villages at Mt. Hood

Board of Directors meetings:
<=unchanged, this is January 1, 2008
1st Tuesday of every month at the Hoodland Fire Department
69634 E Hwy 26, Welches,
4-6 pm.
For more information:
Nancy Dougherty, 503-622-4789

Board of Directors Meetings

<=..2 weeks later and the County hasn't updated this!
Date: December 4, 2007
Time: 4:00-6:00 pm
Hoodland Fire Department
69634 E Hwy 26, Welches,
Agenda will include regular business, review of Town Hall meeting and Board of Directors election, guest speaker will be from Rhododendron Water District, review annual report to Board of County Commissioners.
... and way down below, hidden in a PDF file, is the County's version of the date and agenda. so...

when is the meeting? My best guess is January 8th but these jokers might just hold it on New Years to make sure no one attends!

Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Nancy Dougherty, Chair
Bob Reeves, Vice Chair
Rick Applegate
Robert Baker
Pat Buckley
Shirley Dueber, Treasurer
Judith Norval
...I thought Brigette Romeo was on the Board, .......apparently the County forgot!
Barbara Saldivar, Secretary

Community Organization Meetings

Strategic Planning Organization
January 10, 2008 7-9pm
Hoodland Fire District offices, 69634 E Hwy 26, Welches
Agenda to include: projects discussed at the last Town Hall Meeting and RDI Strategic Plan update
...keep going, you are almost there!


Approved Bylaws
Board of Directors application

Submitted applications
January 8, 2008 Agenda
...and here is a date and PDF
December 4, 2007 Agenda
November 17, 2007 Town Hall Agenda Minutes



Contacts for general information about the Complete Communities process:
Christine Roth, Clackamas County, 503.742.5920