Villages at Mt. Hood
Citizen Participation Organization

Oregon Statewide Planning Goals, Goal 1, "Citizen Involvement" requires that Counties allow Citizens in a geographic area to provide local input to land use decisions made by the Counties. The CPO Program is the method Clackamas County uses to meet this goal.

The forum for collecting this input is the
        CPO - Citizen Participation Organization
which meets regularly to review land use applications. For more detail on all the CPOs see the Clackamas County web page.

In the Villages at Mt. Hood, there are two such geographically based groups:

Mt. Hood Corridor CPO -
       from Alder Creek through Zigzag/Faubion area,
       and along US26 near Mt. Hood in Oregon
Rhododendron CPO -
       covering the area in and closely around the
      unincorporated Rhododendron Oregon