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Subversive Actions by the
Villages at Mt. Hood BOD:

May 15, 2007: Draft Replacement Bylaws Forwarded to Town Hall for First Reading

Feb. 28, 2007: Conditional Use Permit
for New Community Center Approved!!!

February 24, 2007 Town Hall
Revision to Village Bylaws
    Page 11, lines 3-6 change to
      "Quorum and Action"
    to conform to Oregon Attorney General's
     Public Meetings Manual

December 19, 2006 BOD Meeting
   • Process and Procedures adopted
   • Community Park and Amphitheater Project
         endorsed to the BCC as a supported activity
   • 9 Process changes approved to avoid
        repetition of the "Three Glitches" with the
        Community Park and Amphitheater Project

November 21, 2006 BOD meeting
proposed Supported Activity - Community
   Park and Amphitheater
      • Community input note districted at meeting
      • Chair's compendium of concerns
           from Board members

November 18, 2006 Town Hall meeting Approved
   • Letters of Support to Senate version of
      Mt. Hood Stewardship Bill

October 17, 2006 Board of Director's Meeting
   • Proposed Technical Correction to Bylaws

September 19, 2006 Board of Director's Meeting
   • Letter to Dan Zinzer on Amphitheater Project

August 19, 2006 Town Hall meeting Approved
   • support for Mt. Hood Corridor CPO's Letter
     on County Land Trades
   • Letter Sent Endorsing CPO Letter of
      Support for Mt. Hood Stewardship Bill
      - HR 5025

June 13, 2006 Board of Directors Approved
   • Letter affirming US 26 Pedestrian Paths and
      Streetscape is a "supported Activity"
   • Letter Endorsing US 26 Pedestrian Paths and

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