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Clackamas County Complete Communities Village Advisory Board
"Villages at Mt. Hood"
Also "Villages of the Darned"
=> secret Documents<=
Not for the Community to See!

By using a Public Records Request and following with a quote from the BCC recording
(the Darned folk are allowed by the bureaucrats to not record,
thus violating the 2009 agreement with the county)
I've managed to get the documents Mr. Reeves sent to the BCC
        in YOUR name
and Mr. Wilson showed up at the BCC to whine and snivel about how he was doing web sites
           (not mentioning his $3,000 grant)
and how much work he puts in as a "volunteer".

Here, for you to read, are Mr. Reeves, not-approved-by-the-BOD status:
and, Mr. Reeves not-approved-by-the-BOD plans for next year
Key points:
  1. Dorman Center Fate
    since they killed "Community Projects" in 2007 and did nothing so the Women's Club had to Lone Ranger it,
        (which, in my view, killed the Community Center project)
    they now want to babble about what to do with the Dorman Center
  2. Library Relocation
    Yep, these turkeys are "we're the goberment, we're here to help (mess up)"
  3. Bicycle Tourism
    how many people will get hit by traffic if they put in US 26 cross walks?
  4. Improve Public Image of the Villages at Mt. Hood Board
    Apparently, it is all a PR problem, they are great and wonderful.
    The Community (who they never listen to) doesn't appreciate how great they are doing all thats stuff they've decided the Community needs (and claiming credit for what other people do)
  5. Compile a List of Current Community Concerns
    "Demographics have changed" (Bob and George are getting old) so they will do PR stuff to make sure the young whipper snappers know how great they are!