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Clackamas County Complete Communities Village Advisory Board
"Villages at Mt. Hood"
Also "Villages of the Darned"
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2014 Annual Report

Over the past Clackamas County Fiscal Year and on behalf of Clackamas County and local citizens, The Villages at Mount Hood Board has successfully accomplished at least five major goals for our area. Three of these goals will be on going and will be a focal point as we turn our attention to the year ahead.

On Going Projects' Accomplishments

  1. Bicycle Tourism
    1. The Bicycle/Pedestrian Coalition, a committee of the Villages Board, has been very active in Hoodland.  The Committee has, among other things, succeeded in getting the County DOT to install road signs enhancing bicycle safety.  The committee has also applied for grants for such projects as community improvement focused on bicycle tourism and safety.
    2. The Board conducted a Town Hall meeting stressing bicycle and pedestrian safety and tourism. Several County employees were in attendance to disseminate information about DOT plans, county perspective on this particular type of tourism, and generally offering support to the community for the development of this industry.
    3. The Board welcomed County staff from Tourism and DOT to a business meeting to discuss how the Bicycle/Pedestrian Coalition could interface wiht county departments for assistance.
    4. The Hoodland Women's Club has donated some money for the purpose of erecting bicycle racks at local businesses as an encouragement to bicyclists to stop and shop.
  2. The Hoodland Library
    1. The lease under which the Hoodland Library operates will expire this year.  The plan was to house the Library in the New Women's Center to be built on the Dorman Center site.  The project failed due to lack of funding.  Consequently, the Library has no where to go when the lease expires and the current space is no longer sufficient.  The Sandy Library, under which the Hoodland Library operates, officials attended a Villages Board business meeting to discuss the next step; i.e. Where will the Library be housed?  Some options were discussed and the Board made a commitment to assist the Library in any way it can.
  3. Candidates' Forum
    1. During an election season, the Villages Board organizes and hosts a Candidate's Forum as a Town Hall event.  This past year we hosted 11 candidates fro six local and state positions.  This forum gives local citizens a chance to ask questions of the candidates in a more intimate atmosphere.

Finalized Projects

  1. Pharmacy
    1. Due to the changing demographics (an increase in retired persons) and the tourism industry of Hoodland, the Villages Board recognized a need in the community for a local pharmacy. The Board began work on this project about three years ago.
    2. After finding a local resident, a retired Pharmacist, who was willing to staff the pharmacy, the Board began work on assisting in finding a suitable location, getting the appropriate licenses quickly, and seeking out possible funding sources.  Some of the Board members even helped to prepare the space for the opening.
    3. After a few delays, the pharmacy finally opened in the fall of 2013.  The pharmacy is a thriving business and appears to be poised to survive its first year.  The majority of local citizens are pleased to have this service in their own community.  Now the sick and elderly do not have to drive 20 to 30 miles, one way, to get needed medications.
  2. Cellular Transmission Tower
    1. Three to four years ago, the Board realized the need for a new Cellular Tower in the Community.  The old tower was failing and badly positioned to meet the needs of citizens and first responders.
      In other words, since the Sandy flood wiped out phone service, they were now "in favor of" rather than "oppsed" to AT&T's Cell Tower plan....
        It was decided that a new tower, built near the Hoodland Fire Stations would not only serve the first responders and local citizens more efficiently, but also service a group of citizens living up Lolo Pass Road.
      "sort of" work up Lolo Pass, maybe.... on a good day
      and the issue of being close to the school when up on Crutcher Bench....
        Following the last Sandy River Flood in January 2011 some residents living above the washed out road were left with electrical and land line telephone service.  At the time, there was no cellular service reception beyond the Zig Zag River Bridge.  The new tower has created better cellular service to that area ensuring the ability to communicate in an emergency.