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Clackamas County Complete Communities Village Advisory Board
"Villages at Mt. Hood"
Also "Villages of the Darned"
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2014-2015 Projects
Villagers at Mt. Hood Board

The Villages Board has identified five primary goals for the coming fiscal year. The Directors will do their best to assist Clackamas County and the local Hoodland citizens with the accomplishment of these goals. The following list is not prioritized.

  1. Dorman Center Fate
    1. The Dorman Center, located on Salmon River Rd. and owned by Clackamas County, was managed by Hoodland Women's Club for years. It was condemned for use a few years ago. The Hoodland Women's Club began a fund raising campaign to build a new multi use community center to house the Hoodland Library, Senior Center, and Day Care among other functions. The funding efforts failed in the past year. There is now concern that the property will either fall further into disrepair or be purposed for a non-community based use.
    2. The Board will work with the County to determine the next intended use of the property and building keeping the interests of the local community as a priority.
  2. Library Relocation
    1. The Villages Board will assist the Hoodland Library, in anyway it can, with the task of finding a new location prior to the termination of the current lease.
  3. Bicycle Tourism
    1. The Villages Board will continue efforts to develop a bike and pedestrian friendly community. The Bicycle/Pedestrian Coalition (Bike/Ped Coalition) will continue its work to establish safe corridors for use of cyclists and pedestrians. The State of Oregon Tourism Department and the Clackamas County Department of Tourism has been very supportive in these efforts. The Clackamas County DOT was, initially, supportive as well by placing much needed safety signage on designated roadways in the area. The Coalition and the Board will continue to help the County DOT understand the need for positive improvements that enhance the safety and usability of local roads.
  4. Improve Public Image of the Villages at Mt. Hood Board
    1. The Board acknowledges the need for improved public perception of the purpose, responsibilities, and accomplishments of said Board. It is hoped that the improved image will encourage greater citizen involvement in the Board's activities including new Board members. The following tasks will be focused to that end.
      • Board members will submit a quarterly article to the Mountain Times news publication feature the goals and accomplishments of the Board.
      • The Board will seek assistance from Clackamas County in Public Relations ideas and activities
      • The Board Members will encourage other local citizens to run for open Board Positions at the next election cycle.
  5. Compile a List of Current Community Concerns
    1. Hoodland has changed over the past several years and the Board wants to stay current with the needs of the community including those perceived by the local citizens. The following will be the Boards focus on this issue for the coming year.
      1. Conduct a Town Hall Meeting to highlight the changes in demographics and focus of the area businesses. Seek citizen feedback on how the community would like to go forward in the light of these changes.
      2. Use other media opportunities to acquire citizen input such as the local newspaper and the Villages website and Face Book page.
      3. Board members will seek opportunities to speak at local organizations' meeting to give information and acquire feedback.
      4. Board Members will seek advice from Clackamas County Staff on acquiring citizen feedback and opinion.