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Memorandum of Understanding

The parties to this mediation are:

George Wilson, Carol Burke, Pat Holbrook, Gary Linkous – Villages at Mt. Hood
Stephen Madkour, Gary Schmidt, Amy Kyle – Clackamas County

Amy Herman – Mediator

The parties agree to work collaboratively in the following ways:

  1. George Wilson, Carol Burke, Gary Schmidt and Amy Kyle will work together collaboratively to select one or two interim board members (to achieve a total of 4 Villages Board members) who will serve until such time as elections can be held to elect new officers to the Villages at Mt. Hood Board. George Wilson and Carol Burke will serve as existing board members during this interim time. George intends to apply for re-election. Carol is serving a 3 year board term.

  2. The purpose of this interim board is to establish a quorum and work to hold elections for 6 open
    board positions. It will only work toward holding an election which will be held in August or September of this year.  It may work to amend the existing By Laws if that is necessary to hold elections. They will conduct no other business as an interim board. Any By Law amendments will be reviewed by PGA staff, County Counsel Stephen Madkour, and will be presented for approval by the Board of County Commissioners.

  3. Gary Schmidt and Amy Kyle will provide support to the Villages at Mt. Hood in the following ways:
    1. The county will run the entire election process annually for this and all Hamlets and Villages,
      including creating ballots with clear directions, allowing applicants to present themselves to the community and give speeches at a designated Candidate Forum, hold the election, count ballots, and certify election results.
    2. Provide training annually as soon after elections as possible for all board members, including meeting processes, meeting laws, effective meeting facilitation, and skill building for conflict resolution. These trainings will be mandatory for all board members.
    3. Provide ongoing support for monthly Board meetings and periodic Town Hall meetings, in addition to other support offered to Hamlets and Villages groups.

  4. Stephen Madkour will provide a county counsel person for initial Village at Mt. Hood board
    meetings to oversee appropriate meeting laws and conduct.  After the board is functioning successfully, a county counsel person will attend upon request.

  5.  The interim board members agree to:
    1. Communicate directly with Gary Schmidt and Amy Kyle of Public and Government Affairs to coordinate effective communications with Villages at Mt. Hood community and board members.
    2. Ask for support and guidance from Stephen Madkour and county counsel when appropriate.

  6. All present agree to move forward with good will and positive regard, such that they will communicate with one another and about one another in a civil manner.