BCC Work Session
January 9, 2007
Villages at Mt. Hood Proposed Supported Activities
- Community Input on County Lands
- Community Park and Amphitheater

Summary of notes taken by Susan Corwin with updates from Shirley Dueber.
Also, comments made by Chris Roth as published in the Oregonian January 10, 2007

BOD members in attendance at the meeting:
        Susan Corwin, Nancy Dougherty, Shirley Dueber, Bob Reeves, Rick Applegate
Villages Citizens:
       Keith Schacher, George Wilson, Bob Moore
All Commissioners present
Also Present:
         Chris Roth, Cherie McGinnis, Senior Legal Counsel - Ed McGlone
         County Lawyer - Steven Lounsbury, County Administrator - Jon Mantay,
         Board Secretary - Terry Ferrucci, Kirstin Greene,  Peter Zuckman (Oregonian),
        and a crowd of observers who apparently were there for most of the day.

The BCC work session seemed to go as usual:
      => the Staff recommendations to accept the County Lands and postpone the Amphitheater
           were accepted for both proposals
This is identical to the August and November work sessions and demonstrates the importance of making sure Chris Roth is briefed on any future projects.

=> Community input on county lands took 5 minutes, accepted to go forward.

=> BCC accepted Staff recommendation on Community Park and Amphitheater
     "decision about donating 16 acres for a community park be postponed until a final
       decision is made about disposition of the Cedar Ridge property."

Items suggested by the BCC that needed consideration on this project included:

  1. What is the Community need - a gap analysis between what is there
    and what is needed. How many acres of park exist, what is their usage, etc
  2. Community desire - does the community really want this?
    Make sure that out of the 8000 people there is significant willingness.
  3. Impact on US 26 - it is already very busy and adding more cars will require
    a major impact assessment
  4. Hanna, Reilly, et al are investigating the same items: parking and a venue.
    This all needs to be coordinated/aligned....
  5. Is the urban use Amphitheater even allowed in the area per Oregon
    land use? (Lynn Peterson thought not and that it was a show stopper.)
  6. There are issues of wet lands, watershed drainage, and Salmon River Corridor
    that need to be addressed.
    => That is why BLM is willing to buy it so that it is protected
    from development.
    => The project would seem to be potentially detrimental to
    the environment and an assessment needs to be done.
  7. BCC needs to resolve the best use of the land for all the Citizens of
    the county. Maybe BLM, maybe Condos, maybe big hotel.... (the last two
    sounded like they were just "for example")
    => and this comes first (this was from Kennemer).
  8. Dan Zinzer/Parks needs to do a mini-parks master plan for the area.
    note: not a $100K but something simpler.
  9. The Commissioners seem to be "allergic to controversy": they would like to see consensus on items brought forward by the Villages.

Additionally, Chris Roth noted in the January 10, 2007 Oregonian article:

  1. "This set a real precedent for asking for a substantial donation of property that had large value,"
  2. "There needed to be a lot of answers to questions like,
    a)  'What were going to be the qualifications for someone asking for this?
    b)   What were the uses going to be?' "

Another item was brought up: