Steven G. Graeper
8153 SW 66th Pl.
Portland, OR 97223

August 29, 2007

The Villages at Mt. Hood Board of Directors
Nancy Dougherty, Chair
P.O. Box 302
Rhododendron, OR 97049

Dear Nancy and the Villages Board,

After a great deal of sole searching and contemplation, it is with some degree of sadness
that I have made the decision to resign from my position on the Board of Directors for the
Villages at Mt. Hood effective September 1, 2007.

It is quite apparent that my philosophies and those of the majority on the Board are not
congruent. In addition, I find the content of the newly approved By-Laws so vague that I
fear I will have difficulty conforming. The process by which those By-Laws were
adopted was, in my opinion, flawed and not in compliance with Oregon’s Open Meeting
Laws. The citizens were bypassed and I find that extremely unfortunate.

I have a great deal of respect for those who remain on the Board and I wish the Board
well. However, I have even more respect for the citizens of the Villages and I value their
input. I urge the Board to do everything in its power to insure from here on the citizens
of the Villages get involved. Without citizen involvement it cannot be a Government “of
the people, by the people, for the people” and without that, the government that is the
Villages at Mt. Hood surely will perish.



Steven G. Graeper

Cc: Clackamas County Commissioners,
          Martha Schrader, Chair
          Lynn Peterson, Vice Chair
          Bill Kennemer, Commissioner
      Chris Roth, County Liaison