On the Villages at Mt. Hood

Please be advised that I have resigned from the Board of Directors of the
Villages at Mt. Hood and will bear no responsibility for the future actions
of this group, whether they be amphitheaters or taxes.

Recent events involving the replacing of the bylaws, which should have been
a relatively easy, community-involved process, have showed, in my view, a
degree of fumbling, deviousness, trampling of the public trust, and just
plan mean spirited behavior that I will not associate with.

By ignoring previous Board resolutions and viewing the Community /
Commissioner approved Bylaws as "guidelines," I believe that the majority of
the Board has engaged in activities detrimental to the purposes of the
Villages at Mt Hood.

I am still a supporter of the Villages and Hamlets concept, which has the
potential to allow the community to accomplish projects for the community
good, but I do not support the current, County-dictated implementation.

Susan Corwin