Villages at Mt. Hood
a Clackamas County Complete Communities Village

Villages at Mt. Hood
Town Hall Meeting
November 18, 2006

First Reading
Proposed Bylaw Correction/Amendment

Per request of Clackamas County Legal Consul (Steven Lounsbury) request in the BOD meeting of July 18, 2006 and

Per identification of an inconsistency where Article X, Section 4 of the Bylaws does not agree with Article X, Section 8 requiring conformation with Oregon Public Meeting Laws,

The Villages at Mt. Hood Board of Directors in agreement with the Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners, recommend the following change:

Article X Meetings of the Board of Directors,
Section 4: Quorum and Action


A quorum at a Board Meeting shall be a majority of the number of Directors who are present when the meeting is called to order but no fewer than 3 Directors. Action will be taken by a majority vote of the Directors present.


A quorum at a meeting, and the minimum number of concurring votes (affirmative or negative) that must be cast in order to pass or reject a motion by the Board of Directors, shall be a majority of the total number of directors, as prescribed by the Oregon Attorney General's "Public Records and Meetings Manual and ORS 174.130."


1. This is a "technical" correction to make the Bylaws Article X, Section 4
      consistent with Article X, Section 8.
2. As a Clackamas County Village, we are required to conform to Oregon
     Public Meeting Laws and thus the proposed change is to follow those
3. The pragmatic effect is to confirm that
     a. the quorum to hold a meeting of the Board of Directors is 5 and
     b. action by the Board of Directors can only be approved or rejected by
          having at least 5 Directors vote in favor or opposed
    c. any proposed motion not receiving at least 5 votes in favor or opposed
          is not a recommendation of the Board of Directors.
4. The Board of Directors has, to date, conformed to this requirement and
      has passed a resolution that all decisions will conform.

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