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Board of Directors Identifies
9 Process and Procedural Changes to Avoid
Repeating 3 Major Glitches

At the December 19th meeting, the BOD approved utilizing 9 new process and procedures to avoid the "glitches" that have caused problems in the 4 months since September (link to complete analysis):

  1. The Community Park and Amphitheater Project Team did not receive a resolution of support to the BCC to proceed as a "supported activity" but thought they had.
        Link to resolution in Minutes
  2. A Letter, dated September 27, 2006, was sent to the County in the name of the Villages at Mt. Hood Board of Directors, signed by the Chair Rick Applegate, but did not correctly represent the resolution approved by the BOD at the September meeting
        Link to Incorrect Signed Letter
  3. The incorrect, signed Letter, dated September 27, 2006, to the County in the name of the Villages at Mt. Hood Board of Directors was not detected until after the October Board meeting since the Chair Rick Applegate did not forward it to the BOD and ignored requests for a copy of the letter.

The process and procedural changes were

  1. All agenda items shall be clear as to scope and desired action.
  2. All proposed, non-administrative, resolutions of the Villages at Mt. Hood Board of Directors shall be made available in written form to the Board and to the audience before a vote is taken
    => recommended practice is utilization of an overhead projector or laptop projector but paper copies can be utilized if no changes are made.
  3. The Meeting Chair shall make reasonable effort to insure that the implications of a proposed resolution are understood by the Board and by the Audience, especially project teams impacted by the resolution
  4. Any and all materials for presentation shall be provided to the Board at least calendar 7 days before the Board meeting
  5. Any project proposing the dedication or use of significant amounts of community or county resources shall require discussion at a Town Hall meeting and other community input venues, as identified by the BOD, before requesting "supported activity status".
  6. "final drafts" of any and all requested "letters of support", motions, etc requested by non-board members and, preferably, by Directors as well, shall be provided to the Board at least calendar 7 days before the Board meeting. Such drafts may be amended or edited at the meeting but all such edits shall be displayed to the Board and the audience before a vote is taken.  At any time in the discussion, any Director may state that the changes exceed what can easily understood, at which statement, the item will be tabled until the next meeting where a revised version is to follow this process.
  7. Any Board of Directors official correspondence approved at a Board meeting shall be taken to the Chair for signature by the Acting Chair of the meeting that approved it.
  8. Per the Bylaws, any and all official correspondence of Villages at Mt. Hood Board of Directors shall be handled by the Secretary or the designee of the Secretary.  If delegated, the Secretary will still be responsible for insure correct process, distribution, and archiving.
  9. Each Director is responsible for insuring that "official correspondence" they create, distribute, send, or receive to or from the county, any other external agency or person, shall be copied in its entirety to the entire Board in a timely fashion.  This includes press releases, complaints, response to complaints, etc.  Posting on the web site and notification of the precise location of such posting shall satisfy this requirement and is preferred for large documents.

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