TOWN HALL Debrief Notes

From: Susan Corwin
Sent: Monday, November 27, 2006 10:01 AM
To: Roth, Christine; Dougherty, Nancy ; Lythgoe, Dave; Applegate, Rick; Reeves, Bob;
       Dueber, Shirley; Saldivar, Barbara; Mench, Don; Graeper, Steve & Judi
Subject: November Town Hall Meeting Debrief Notes

This is the list of items I brought up at the November BOD meeting for the Town Hall Debrief.

Susan Corwin


  1. We should make sure that the Board briefs County Staff on any proposed
    activities or other requests to the BCC significantly before the Staff
    writes their "report" for the BCC.
    => if there are any questions or clarifications, they can be resolved
    "sooner" rather than later
  2. The Town Hall Packet didn't have a "comment form" in it.
  3. The fire station reader board got very "busy" during the weeks before
    the Town Hall, making it less effective.
    => We need to consider adding other venues
  4. It is not clear to me what the county Villages Liaison (Chris) does
    and doesn't do for the Town Hall. Clearly the "Citizen property roll"
    must come from the county and we should enumerate what else we might expect.