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Board of Directors
Monday, May 22, 2006
Meeting Results

Link to Approved Meeting Minutes

Key Results from Meeting:
1. Election of the Officers of the Board of Directors

 Rick Applegate
 Susan Corwin
 Bob Reeves
 Shirley Dueber

2. Assignment of Activities areas to BOD members

  Bob Reeves
Trails and Parks
 Susan Corwin
Economic Development
 Rick Applegate
Rural Services
 Shirley Dueber
Community Center
 Barbara Saldivar
Social Services
 David Lythgoe
Historic Preservation
 Nancy Dougherty

     Materials for the meeting
Link to updated bylaws
Link to ORS 192
Link to Lounsbury ppt on ORS192

Housekeeping for initial meeting
  1. election of officers
  2. scheduling of monthly BOD meeting
  3. assignment of "supported activities" areas to BOD members
      Article VII section 2, item 2
       => avoiding potential Conflict of Interest
  4. creation of BOD and Advisory committees (if any)
        Article IX
  5. scheduling of next quarterly town hall meeting
        Article VII section 2
  6. scheduling an "Oregon Public Meetings Law" education session
       by Steven Lounsbury, Clackamas County Attorney

Action items
  7. review of "supported activities" and identifying any
      County issues to resolve
  8. discussion of MOU items
       if anyone has any items for the MOU send them to me by Sunday so I
       can put a draft document on the web.
  9. discussion of other documents the BOD needs to create as called out
      in the bylaws
      a. communication plan - Article III section 2
      b. gaining sufficient public attendance at Town Hall meetings
          Article VII section 4
      c. media contact plan, spokesperson authorization
          Article VIII section 2 item 5
  10. request by some Alder Creek residents to be part of the Villages

All BOD meetings are open to the public and must be announced with an agenda, on the web site and at the library at least 7 calendar days prior to the day such meeting is to be held.

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