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Board of Directors
Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Hoodland Fire Station meeting room
US 26

Meeting: 4:00-6:00

Link to Approved meeting minutes


  1. what can be done to alleviate the apparent overload of the Meeting Chair and Secretary:
    - agenda has not been provided for the Board Meeting by the Meeting Chair
    - minutes are not available for review in a timely manner for the Board Meeting
  2. Is the Town Hall Meeting on track????
    - no effective communication has been received from the Town Hall Meeting Organizer
  3. Discussion of process for projects to be discussed/supported by the Citizens
  4. Appointment of a "County Point of Contact" since none has been so specified.
  5. Other items as may be brought forward by the Board or Citizens

All BOD meetings are open to the public and must be announced with an agenda, on the web site and at the library at least 7 calendar days prior to the day such meeting is to be held.

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