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Board of Directors
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Hoodland Fire Station meeting room
US 26

Meeting: 4:00-6:00
Draft Agenda
  1. Roll call
  2. Review of proposed corrections and approval of the minutes of the April 24,2007 Villages at Mt. Hood Board of Directors meeting
  3. Officers Reports
    1. Treasurer’s report - approval of June ads
    2. Secretary’s report - status of past minutes, next meeting date
    3. Vice-Chair’s report
    4. Chair’s report
  4. Reports from Activities Directors
    1. Community Center- Barb Saldivar
    2. Mt. Express usage and schedule for the previous month-Bob Reeves
    3. Strategic Planning Org. – Shirley Dueber
    4. Welches Salmon River Road Bike Lanes-Susan Corwin
    5. ZDO changes and best-known methods to enhance Mt. character-Don Mench
    6. Barlow Trail County Park –Don Mench
    7. Stream Corridor Restoration –Don Mench
    8. Mt. Heritage Homes- Nancy Dougherty
    9. Rhododendron Community Park –Steve
  5. Unfinished Business:

  6. New Business:
    1. Discussion on progress on possible logo - Dave Lythgoe
    2. Discussion and resolution of Policy/Procedures for Meeting Notices Susan Corwin
    3. Discussion and resolution on venue for
      "open and public input" on bylaw amendments and other BOD items
  7. Oral Communication from the public:
    This time is reserved for comments and inquiries from citizens. Remarks will be limited to three (3) minutes per person. A total of no more than 20 minutes will be donated to public comments.
  8. Adjournment:

- All BOD meetings are open to the public and must be announced with an agenda, on the web site and in the library at least 7 calendar days prior to the day such meeting is to be held.
- All materials must be available to the BOD and the public at least 7 calendar days prior to the day such meeting is to be held

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