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Clackamas County Complete Communities Village Advisory Board
"Villages at Mt. Hood"
Also (Formerly) Strategic Planning Organization
Tuesday, October 5, 2010 4-6 pm
Hoodland Fire Station Meeting Room, 69634 E. Hwy 26, Welches, OR

Podcast/audio is available (use contact page)
Minutes of Meeting are available

Documents mentioned in meeting (but not made available/hidden from Community) found:
(note: sarcasum about these darned folk: intended)
1. Clackamas County Response to "shake down" (threat to sue)
2. Letter telling BOD cronies to keep their noses out of County Legal Issues
policy is not to comment of matters of potential litigations and when in a public forum it is not appropriate to make any statement or take any action.
3. Villages of the Darned Cronies' cover letter (trying to shiftily support giving away taxpaer funds)
No contract? No specs? No Problem! Give'm the tax money!
4. Bridgette Romeo's letter and Sheriff Roberts response to Safety Concern
on US26 parking in Rhody
5. Wilson/Saldivar memo whining about county employees
Need to have an audience to show how important their egos are.
6. Mr. Amplitheather's proposal on how to rig BOD appointments
=> key items to note
IV. a. Only marked ballots count
       b. Blank ballots won't count at all
V. b. can't be voted out of office if you bully everyone into not participating.
Thus, there is no way to get rid of bullies, cronies, miscreants, if they can keep the slate empty

4:00 pm
Call To Order
Pledge Of Allegiance
Minutes from August 3
Treasurer’s Report
Secretary’s Report –
       plan for follow up items in minutes
       Board letters to Carol and Brigette
County Liaison Report
Old Business
Discussion of follow-up from Town hall meeting
Open Board position -
    •  Applicants
    •  By law changes – Article VI, section 1
    •  Town hall in October - planning status – review of tasks
Rhododendron CPO boundary change status
Communication plan
    •   Newsletter – e-mail address
    •  Paid ad in Mountain Times -
    •  Other ideas
Planning and Review
Future elections and rules - George
New Action Plans
Reports on progress with action plans

New Business
Report on County meetings – Bob and Pat S.
Community comments
Meeting adjourned

Also included in with the agenda:
Outline for letter to commissioners

It should be one page only with detail attached as we feel is required to make sure the recommendation is understandable

The recommendation letter must include the following:
1. A short summary of the recommendation
2. How was the recommendation originated ?
a. By board members
b. By a community group name the group
c. By a community member name the individual
d. By a survey
e. Other
3. What are the benefits to the community ?
4. When would we like to see a response advising us of their interest
5. We publish our letter in the Mountain Times and web page
The response should include the following:
1. The commissioners interest in the recommendation
a. Interested and fits with current policy
b. Not interested does not fit due to
i. Policy
ii. Budget
iii. Practicality
iv. Juristiction
v. Legal issues
2. If interested - They pass on their response to specific staff or department for next steps and advise us on next steps
3. We publish the response in the Mountain Times and web page

- All BOD meetings should be open to the public and must be announced with an agenda, on the web site and in the library at least 7 calendar days prior to the day such meeting is to be held.
    - There is no requirement that any materials be available prior to the meeting but may be requested under Oregon public meeting laws but I have not had any success with that approach

Meeting Notice Checklist
This meeting requires notice?
   1.  BOD meetings
Notices and materials placed or sent 7 days?
   1. To BOD members?
   2. people who requested info?
     3. materials at library?
    Notices and placed or sent 7 days?
   1. Mountain Times
   2. Sandy Post
   3. County Web Site- "bod meeting"
   4. Susan Corwin's Villages at Mt. Hood Web Site
   5. 3 Post Offices (Welches, Rhododendron, and Brightwood)
   6. Breezeway at Thriftway the week before
   7. Fires Station Reader Board - Tues before