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Clackamas County Complete Communities Village Advisory Board
"Villages at Mt. Hood"
Also (Formerly) Strategic Planning Organization
Tuesday, April 3, 2012 4-6 pm
Hoodland Fire Station Meeting Room, 69634 E. Hwy 26, Welches, OR
Minutes of meeting
4:00 Call To Order/Roll Call/Pledge Of Allegiance
4:05 Approval of Minutes
Addendum for December 6, 2011
    ( Wilson Proposed self-aggrandizing Change To 2011-1206 Minutes?)
and Minutes for March 6, 2012 (not available to the community)
Note: Darned folk are withholding or did not record the March 6th meeting
Trust them, they'll make sure the minutes say what they want
4:10 Treasurer’s Report
4:15 Communications to the Board
4:20 Any Persons to be Heard –
Connie Scott from the Chamber, audience
4:30 County Communications – Chris Roth, Liaison
Any updates since Dorman Center Meeting?
4:40 Old Business
A. Debrief on last months discussion with Cam Gilmour on the
   Possibility of creating a special district fund for flood
   disaster repairs to roads and bridges
(i.e. a tax YOU so the Lolo Pass homeowners can tell you to stay away from their property and the Portland folk can get to the USFS forests)
B. Progress on possible Broadband for Lolo Pass – Kara/ Doug
Note: this means the Lolo Pass folk refuse to pay to have the cable extended to their homes.
go read the cable franchize document for details.
C. Update on cell tower installation - Bob
D. Review Board Policy on communications - Shirley
5:15 New Business
A. April 21 Town Hall update – Pat and Bob
B. Election for new Board members
C. Review tourism Report on Zone Data Collection
As the Bylaws state:
Section 1. The Board shall meet with citizens at least quarterly at town hall-style meetings...
=> Just when was the Q1 meeting?

Election of Directors:
Any Village citizen, as defined in Article V, shall be eligible for the board. The names of all nominees shall be submitted to the county liaison at least thirty (30) days prior to election at a Village town hall meeting for review and approval by the BCC at a public work session before the election.
5:50 Additional Persons to be Heard
6:00 Adjournment

- All BOD meetings should be open to the public and must be announced with an agenda, on the web site and in the library at least 7 calendar days prior to the day such meeting is to be held.
    - There is no requirement that any materials be available prior to the meeting but may be requested under Oregon public meeting laws but I have not had any success with that approach

Meeting Notice Checklist
This meeting requires notice?
   1.  BOD meetings
Notices and materials placed or sent 7 days?
   1. To BOD members?
   2. people who requested info?
     3. materials at library?
    Notices and placed or sent 7 days?
   1. Mountain Times
   2. Sandy Post
   3. County Web Site- "bod meeting"
   4. Susan Corwin's Villages at Mt. Hood Web Site
   5. 3 Post Offices (Welches, Rhododendron, and Brightwood)
   6. Breezeway at Thriftway the week before
   7. Fires Station Reader Board - Tues before