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Clackamas County's
Villages at Mt. Hood Advisory Board
Town Hall Meeting
Saturday, May 17, 2008
Welches Elementary School Multipurpose room
Meeting: 9:30 am - noon
check in starts at 9:00

Villages BOD's Cronies Win Election
With limited attendance, and having made sure no one knew about the election nor who was running, all 4 incumbents, sitting in the front of the audience, squeaked by.
That said, the only community candidate to run, who was kept invisible, made a very respectiable showing.
4 to be elected
total of 62 55 ballots cast
Bob Reeves - incumbent crony
Brigette Romeo - incumbent crony
Pat Buckley - incumbent crony
Robert Baker - incumbent crony
Carol Burk - Community member
Note: word has it that at least one board member was prancing around gleefully at the exclusion of the community member.
Note 2: While an informed source indicated that 62 ballots were cast, the county only acknowledges 55 ballots as being received. Last November the County capriciously "toss" two ballots as "spoiled" when they voted for "none of the above"

Possibly Some Candidates for the County Election
Rumor of an election of Village Board members

Agenda Update - May 12, 2008

1. 9:30-9:50 Call to Order; Introductions; Board meeting and reports
=> posturing and self promotion by the secretive leadership
2. 9:50-10:00 Election:
Carol Burke, and incumbents: Romeo, Buckley, Reeves, Baker
=> mostly voting on the candidates of Dougherty/Reeves/Applegate's choice
3. 10:00-10:20 Coffee and Anniversary Cake
=> self congratulation on the actions of the 2nd year
        (bylaw Fiasco, agenda deceit, stuffing the BOD with friends,
         harassing the Tourism group, etc
4. 10:20-11:45 Program:
Candidates for County Commissioner
Position 3: Nelson, Reed Schraeder
Position 4: Green-Hite, Lehan
Position 5: Deremer, Hnidey, Kehoe, Tidwell
Candidates for County Sheriff
5. 10:45-12:00 announce which candidates of Dougherty/Reeves/Applegate's choice will help them on the BOD for the next year.

What a travesty!.
(as of May 8, 2008)
After not letting people know that there were openings,
our "community leaders":
Chair Nancy Dougherty,
Vice Chair Bob Reeves,
former Chair (resigned) Rick Applegate
are careful to not let people know who is running!!!
- no candidate position statements are available
- not exactly clear who is running (other than the 4 incumbents, of course)