image courtesy of USFS Air Quality Cams
Clackamas County's
Villages at Mt. Hood Advisory Board
Town Hall Meeting
Saturday, May 23, 2009
Welches Elementary School Multipurpose room
Meeting: 9:30 am - noon
check in starts at 9:00
BOD voting results May 23:
Total votes: 77
- Pat Sharp           62
- Doug Saldivar    55
- Shirley Dueber   44
-----------cut line,   must receive at least 50% of vote, per bylaws
- George Wilson   33

Meeting Minutes - 2009-0810


9:30 Welcome and Board Introductions
       Approve minutes of February 21, 2009 Town Hall meeting
      Link to minutes
      Link to 2008 status report giving credit for everything to BOD
9:35 Election of new board members
Patricia Sharp
Doug Saldivar
George Wilson
Shirley Dueber
        *candidate order determined by Oregon Secretary of State’s randomly generated alphabet
9:45 Salmon River Restoration Project
             featuring John Borge and Sandy Basin Partners
10:45 Suzanne Van Orman State Representative, District 52
11:55 Election Results Announced
12:00 Adjournment