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Clackamas County's
Villages at Mt. Hood Advisory Board
Candiates Forum
(and special election of our cronies)
Saturday October 20, 2012
Some place
9:30 am - noon
check in starts at 9:00
Note: if you haven't voted yet and happen to show up to hear the 5 minutes of pander from each candidate,
be sure to get a ballot for Darned folk and just turn it in blank: Tells them what you think.

Also you might want to read: Villages Fumbles BCC Town Hall on Villages of the Darned.

  1. Note 1: This "Candidates Forum" was not announced in the Mountain Times.
  2. Note 2: There is a rumor that they are holding an "election" for the empty slots on the BOD. The agenda neither identifies the supposed candidates nor allows the community to interact with them.
  3. Note 3: the BOD is talking about "branding themselves" and haveing "business cards", all paid for by tax money. Apparent reason is to be able to snow anyone outside the area into thinking they are anything but Darned cronies.
Hey Village Cronies: Who are the candidates for the BOD and why aren't they talking?

Since the Darned folk want to keep these secret:
Note: the "order" is of "least seniority" i.e. who hasn't been on the BOD the longest
  1. Cimino
  2. Slater
  3. Norval
  4. Dueber - who can't even remember when her term expires

=> BOD Selection results
Total ballots43
None of the above2
Marci Slater35
Judith Norval26
Shirley Dueber27
John Cimino8
Total votes cast:41

Agenda as provided by the Villages of the Darned.
  1. 9:00  Doors open
    1. Guests sign in, fill out question cards, Villages Citizens pick up ballots
    2. Pick up candidate question cards:
      1. Yellow for HD 52
      2. Green for Clackamas County Commission Positions 4
      3. Blue for Clackamas County Commission Chair Position 1
    3. Visit candidate tables
    4. Enjoy coffee and cookies
  2. 9:30  Board Member Bob Reeves opens meeting:
    1. Pledge of Allegiance
    2. Introduction of Board Members
    3. Welcome Candidates and citizens
    4. Introduction of Candidates for Mt. Hood Villages Board
    5. Introduction of Christine Roth - voting guidelines for Mt. Hood Villages Board Members
    6. Introduction of Moderator Christine Chin-Ryan
  3. 9:35  Moderator Christine Chin-Ryan explains format and process of forum
  4. 9:40 Candidates’ Forum
    • Audience can submit written questions to moderator and they will be addressed as time permits.
    • Questions for the candidates for Representative HD 52 on the yellow color cards should be turned in by 9:30 a.m.
    • Questions for Commissioner position 4 on green color cards and Commissioner Chair Position 1 on blue color cards should be turned in by 10:00 a.m.
  5. 11:30  Voting for Village Board Members closes
  6. 12:00   Announcement of newly elected Mt. Hood Villages Board Members
  7.   Adjourn

Candidates’ order will be chosen by drawing prior to the beginning of the meeting.
If a candidate or their representative isn’t present, a Village board member will stand in for the drawing.


Candidates for Representative HD 52:
  1. Mark Johnson (incumbent)
  2. Peter Nordbye
Candidates for Clackamas County Commissioners:
  1. Position 1:  Board Chair -
    1. Charlotte Lehan (incumbent)
    2. John Ludlow
  2. Position 4:
    1. Jamie Damon (incumbent)
    2. Tootie Smith