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Clackamas County's
Villages at Mt. Hood Advisory Board
Candiates Forum
TuesdaySaturday January 12, 2013 per George Wilson
Trees Room at The Resort at the Mountain
9:00 am - noon

Notice: There will NEVER be an official record of this meeting!
see Villages of the Darned: Ephemeral Meeting for details

No Agenda Posted except as ephemeral Index page
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  1. 9:00-10:30 Dr. Jeff Williams on possibility for opening a pharmacy
    1. According to previous meetings: "doesn't pencil out as viable"
    2. Asking for County, State, and Federal funds to subsidize
    3. None of the talkers seems willing to invest any money.
  2. 10:45-1200 Peter Lagerwey - consultant
               "Bicycle/Pedestrian Mast Plan & Cycling Tourism"
    1. Will talk about being paid to do the work that George killed the initiative on in 2006.