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Clackamas County's
Villages at Mt. Hood Advisory Board
Will this be a "public meeting" or just an ephemeral meeting
Saturday May 18, 2013
Trees Room at The Resort at the Mountain
9:00 am - noon

Notice:Will this be a real meeting with an official record or just a transitory, ephemeral gab fest?
see Villages of the Darned: Ephemeral Meeting for details

2013-0529 Election Results: 18 people showed up?!?

Yep, counting the BOD cronies, a whopping 18 people showed up for the Dog &Pony show!
=> Obviously 2 weren't cronies: "none of the above".
Nate allegedly got 12 people supporting him and George, remember Amphitheater George?, got 16.
Of course, there were 4 openings and ZERO applications submitted, but, unlike Shirley and Judith,
==> George and Nate are special, just ask the County Liaison.

  1. 9:00 Doors open for registration and voting
  2. 9:30 Call to order and welcome – Bob Reeves
  3. 9:35 Explanation of voting process – Christine Roth, Clackamas County staff liaison
  4. 9:40 Hoodland Women’s Club Community Center update
  5. 9:45 Bicycle Tourism Committee – George Wilson
  6. 9:50 Clackamas County Transportation System Plan Update
    • Karen Buehrig, Clackamas County DTD staff
  7. 10:20 Oregon Department of Transportation Hwy 26 Improvements – ODOT staff
  8. 10:50 Review maps and talk with Clackamas County and ODOT staff
  9. 11:30 VOTING CLOSES
  10. 11:50 Announce election results
  11. 12:00 Meeting will be adjourned