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Clackamas County's
Villages at Mt. Hood Advisory Board
Will this be a "public meeting" or just an ephemeral meeting
Saturday January 25, 2014
Trees Room at The Resort at the Mountain
9:00 am - noon
Did you know that "tourism" and the "tourism idiot visitors" were your top need?

Notice:Will this be a real meeting with an official record or just a transitory, ephemeral gab fest?
see Villages of the Darned: Ephemeral Meeting for details.

Note: there is a "less than informative" jpg poster on the County site that has also been secretly sent to various friends of the Darn Folk. I appears they want to get their fingers on the tourism dollars.
(to buy more polo shirts, pay themselves to create sloppy "town hall" signs to replace the ones they lost, business cards, digital recorders, pay friends for personal web sites, etc)

Notes from the Meeting
  1. 9:00 – Doors Open
  2. 9:30 – Meeting Starts/ Call to Order – Bob Reeves/Board Chairman
  3. 9:35 – Mt. Hood Express Bus Service Update
    • Teresa Christoperson/Social Services/Clackamas County
    • Teresa will be discussing the extended bus routing to Government Camp and Timberline Lodge, which will include new buses equipped with bike trailers
  4. 9:55 – Clackamas County Road Maintenance Funding
  5. 10:25 – Share the Road Signage Placement
    • Mike Bezner/Clackamas County Transportation Engineering Manager
    • Mike will be discussing Clackamas County’s outreach efforts pertaining to road maintenance funding for 2014
  6. 10:45 – Mt. Hood Bicycle-Pedestrian Coalition Introduction
    • George Wilson - of Amphitheater fame, all talk/no walk
  7. 10:50 Bike Friendly Business Initiative
    • Nastassja "Staj" Pace
    • - Destination Development Specialist
    • Travel Oregon
  8. 11:05 We Speak Bike Program
  9. 11:20 Clackamas County Development Grant Awards
    • Jae Heidenreich
    • Tourism Development Lead
    • Clackamas County Tourism and Development
  10. 11:30 Community Partnership Program Funding
    • Jim Austin
    • Community Relations Lead
    • Clackamas County Tourism and Cultural Affairs
  11. 11:45 – Community Input/Persons To Be Heard
  12. 12:00 – Adjournment