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Clackamas County's
Villages at Mt. Hood Advisory Board
Will this be a "public meeting" or just an ephemeral meeting
Saturday May 17 10, 2014
Trees Room at The Resort at the Mountain
9:00 am - noon
Election extravaganza!

Results and stats from Villages BOD selection

voting Reeves Moss
1 person only
Total ballots
Total possible ballots
48 (Susan's count)

Note: my analysis of the tally and sign-in sheets:
         19 non-locals attended (plus non-sign ins)
         48 locals signed in and received ballots (Susan's Count)
         41 ballots turned in/counted (per County tally sheet)
          7 ballots not turned in or something

Note 2: On site observers have indicated that there were actually
       about 65-70 local people: i.e. 20-25 people didn't sign in
       => if true, then neither person got 50% of the "vote".
       but then, I don't attend since I don't want them "in my face".
Note 3: I have copies of the Tally and sign-in sheets.
        Contact me or the County if you wish to see them.

Notice:Will this be a real meeting with an official record or just a transitory, political, ephemeral gab fest?
see Villages of the Darned: Ephemeral Meeting for details.

2014-0508 - it took a "Public Records Request" to get the agenda for this event out of the County; the Darned folk wouldn't think of using their email list nor have the County post the agenda.
  1. 9:00 Doors open
    Sign in, pick up Ballot, fill out Candidate Question Cards, mingle
    Note: a Villages BOD candidate must receive at least 50% of the ballots voted
           so pick up a ballot and drop it in blank if you don't like them
    Note 2: the order of candidates was defined by the Darned folk but the self-serving aggrandizement has been removed and Village's BOD secret applications added.
    Voting for the Villages Board positions begins:
            Jan Moss
            Bob Reeves
    Questionnaire card colors
    Pink County Clerk
    Sherry Hall incumbent
    David Robinson
    Mark Meek
    Linda Nease
    Blue - County Treasurer
    Shari Anderson incumbent
    James Gleason
    Myhanh Best
    County Commissioner
           Paul Savas - incumbent
           Karen Bowerman
           Rick Best
    POSITION #5 Commissioner
           Jim Bernard - incumbent
           Stephan Bates
    Purple - State Representative, House District 52
    Mark Johnson - incumbent
    Stephanie Nystrom
    Green - State Senator, Senate District 26
    Senator Chuck Thompsen - incumbent
    Robert Bruce
  2. 9:30 Call to Order, Welcome, Introductions- Bob Reeves
           Pledge of Allegiance - Judith Norval
  3. 9:33 Explanation of the Format for the Candidates' Forum
            Moderator: Christine Chin Ryan
  4. 9:35 Forum Begins
            Candidates speak and answer questions from the audience.
  5. 11:30 Voting for Villages Board Candidates ends
  6. 11:55 Moderator's closing comments
           Villages election results announced
            Floor open to audience comments
  7. 12:00 noon Meeting Officially Adjourned