image courtesy of USFS Air Quality Cams
Clackamas County's
Villages at Mt. Hood Advisory Board
Candiates Forum
(and special election of our cronies)
Saturday October 18, 2014
Resort at the Mountain - Trees Room
9:00 am - noon
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Note1: This Candidates Forum does not want to hear about your "issues and items of concern".
I doubt these turkeys will ever want to hear from you unless they can smooze it.

Agenda as provided by the Villages of the Darned.
  1. 9:00  Doors open
    1. Guests sign in, fill out question cards,
    2. Pick up candidate question cards:
      1. Yellow for HD 52
      2. Green for Clackamas County Commission Positions 4
      3. Blue for Clackamas County Commission Chair Position 1
  2. 9:30  Board Member Bob Reeves opens meeting:
    1. Pledge of Allegiance - Judith Normval
    2. Introduction of Board Members
    3. Welcome Candidates and citizens
  3. 9:35  Mt. Hood Bus Update -Teresa Christoperson
  4. 9:45 Survey of Dorman Property
  5. 10:23 Introduce Candidates and Moderator Christine Chin-Ryan
  6. 10:25 explains format and process of forum
  7. 10:30 Candidates’ Forum
    • Audience can submit written questions to moderator and they will be addressed as time permits.
  8. 11:55 Community Input
  9. 12:00   Meeting ends

Please note: I assume the "footer" on the "official, County distrubuted" agenda of
"Town Hall agenda 05-18-13" is a standard SNAFU