image courtesy of USFS Air Quality Cams
Clackamas County's
BCC Advisory Board Villages at Mt. Hood
Town Hall?? Election??
Saturday January 24, 2015
Resort at the Mountain - Trees Room
9:00 am - noon
Also you might want to read: Villages Fumbles BCC Town Hall on Villages of the Darned.

After much prodding, including mails to the BCC, the PGA/Darned folk secretly posted the Agenda
secret meeting agenda - security by obscurity
To add insult to injury, with PGA and BCC acquiescence there is an "election" of some anonymous person

as, apparently, Mr. Robert "Putin" Reeves enforced by George "KGB" Wilson
            (back to the good old USSR) believe
    "Announcement of newly elected Mt. Hood Village Board Member"
after they "count" the ballots.

And here are the documents they "presented" (but didn't make available) now that it is February:
  1. Bus Ridership since the Ski areas took it over
  2. Deceptive presentation of survey results"
    they claimed 115 but only had 70
    did they give presentages to hide the parcity of the result
  3. Ongoing County audit of ZDO for clarity, usefulness

The 2014-1202 minutes mentioned: Mountain Express - 15 minutes
ZDO update - 45 minutes
break - 10 minutes
Library Building Committee - 30 minutes
Review of bogus Survey - 45 minute
    see the Villages of the Darned Commentary:
Clueless Villages October Survey:
   "Hey! Do Bears Poop In Your Yard?"
  1. 9:00 Open
  2. 9:30  Call to order and welcome Bob Reeves
    1. Pledge of Allegiance - Judith Norval
    2. Introduction of Board Members
    3. Introduction of Interim Board Candidate Joe Mazzara
      Here is Mr. Mazzara's "application" I got with a Public Records request last December
      as far as I can tell do a web search just finds (possibly appropriate) obituaries
  3. 9:35  Mt. Hood Bus Update -Teresa Christoperson
  4. 9:45 Clackamas County Code Audit Bob Reeves
  5. 10:30 break
  6. 10:40 Update on Library Move Sara McIntyre
  7. 11:00 Results of Dorman Center Survey -Judith Norval Marci Slater Rick Green
  8. 11:10 Break into Groups
  9. 11:30 Voting for Village Board Member Closes in Five Minutes
  10. 11::35 Voting Closes
  11. 11:55 Voting Closes
  12. 11:55 Community input
  13. 12:00  Announcement of newly elected Mt. Hood Village Board Member
    Meeting ends