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Clackamas County's
BCC Advisory Board Villages at Mt. Hood
Town Hall?? Election??
Saturday May 16, 2015
Resort at the Mountain/Trees Room
9:00 am - noon
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New Flash! It took an Oregon State Law Public Records Request, but here are the withheld
      "Applications" - pried out of them on 2015-0514, all are over a month old!
  1. Marlyn Anderson-2015-0327 v2015-0514-0746am.pdf
  2. Robert Bruce-2015-0327 v2015-0514-0746am.pdf
  3. Carol Burk-2015-0408 v2015-0514-0746am.pdf
  4. Marci Slater-2015-0407 v2015-0514-0746am.pdf
Election Results
From Minutes of 2014-1204 meeting
Persons to be Heard:
Bob Reeves said that Joe Mazzara had applied to join the Villages Board. Bob said that he would be on the Board at the next meeting. Joe Mazzara will be on the ballot at the next Town Hall, which is scheduled for January. Bob had emailed Joe’s application to the rest of the Board of Directors.
CandidateVotes Received Term Assigned
Marci Slater292017
Robert Bruce292018
Marilan Anderson282018
Carol Burk 252017
Special Gender Bias - Terms Changed
Jan Moss Elected 2014
Was 2017
Now 2016
Joe Mazzara Never Elected 2018

Minutes of Town Hall available 2015-0609


Warning! This is a transcription of the image they posted in obscure locations

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Villages at Mt. Hood Town Hall Meeting
Resort at the Mountain/Trees Room
Saturday, May 16, 2015
9:00am - 12:00pm
Villages at Mt. Hood Board Member Elections
  1. 9:00 doors open
  2. 9:30 Welcome/Call to Order - Director George Wilson - Interim Chairman
  3. 9:35 Pledge of Allegence - Director Judth Norval
  4. 9:40 Introductions/Board of Directors - Interim Chairman George Wilson
  5. 9:45 Introduction of Board Candidates
    incumbent Director Marci Slagter
    Interim Director - Robert Bruce
    Interim Director - Marilyn Anderson
    New Apollcant - Carol Burk
  6. 9:50 Board of Clackamas County Project Updates/Public Safety Mt. Hood Villages Crime stats/Police Response Time
          Commissioner Jim Bernard
          Sgt. Sean Collinson/Clackamas County Sherriff's Office
  7. 10:20 H.E.A.R.T Team Presentaiton /Emergency Preparedness
          Chris Crislip/ H.E.A.R.T. Team Manager
  8. 10:50 Neighborhood Watch Program/Local Citizen Involvement
         Director Joe Mazzara
  9. 11:00 Mt. Hood Villages Community Park Update
         Director Marci Slater
  10. 11:15 Community Input/Discussion
  11. 11:45 Ballot Box/Voting Closes
  12. 11:50 Election Results 12:00 Meeting Adjournment
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