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Clackamas County's
Villages at Mt. Hood Advisory Board
Saturday October 20, 2012
Resort at The Mountain – The Trees
9:00 am - noon (can't vote after 11:30)
Note: according to the County Liasion:
     The is no recording, not minutes, never will be.
Thus, they held an "election" and will leave no written records => violate Oregon Law?

Quote from Oct. 2, 2012 BOD minutes:
   With respect to the Candidate Forum Ad in the Mountain Times:
       "The ads and article did not run in the October issue..."    in other words: they violated Oregon Public Meeting Law by not advertising the "election".

Results of the sham "election" at the unadvertised (private) meeting as reported
but never documented and confirmed:

Who count
Total ballots 43
None of the above 2
Marci Slater 35
Judith Norval 26
Shirley Dueber 27
John Cimino 8
Total votes cast: 41
1. A total of 41 people casting ballots: pathetic
2. Looks like only 2 people came for the
      Candidate Forum
3. Subract the BOD, former BOD, & spouses (~25)
    from the count and only 16 "citizens" showed up
4. Subract Cimino and 3 friends, leaves 12 people
5. 4 people didn't vote for the unknown Slater
     Cimino& friends were likely those 4.
6. Wilson/Verdoorn/Slater/ likely, with 8 cronies,
     didn't vote for Dueber/Norval
7. Women's club, Lion's club, and Senior Center likely
    only had a total of 3 or 4 other people there (sad)
   The only people doing anything....


Candidate Forum
    Oregon House District 52 (Patti Smith's old position):
         Mark Johnson and Peter Nordbye
    Chair of Clackamas County Commissioners (Lynn Peterson's old position):
         Charlotte Lehan and John Ludlow
     Clackamas County Commissioner Position No. 4 (Charlotte Lehan's old position):
        Jamie Damon – Tootie Smith

Also, an "election" for the 3 open BOD 3 slots
      (due to failure to publicize openings and thus no candidates in May):

balloting closes at 11:30
Must be present to vote
Must show proof of Village (Mt. Hood Corridor CPO and Rhody CPO) residency or business ownership
Blank ballots indicate "none of the above"
Candidate must receive at least 50% of the ballots to be on the BOD

Candidates are (click for application):
John Cimino - dated 2012-0925
Shirley Dueber - dated 2012-0807 (interrim appointee)
Judith Norval - dated 2007-0419 (interrim appointee)
Marci Slater - dated 2012-0710 (interrim appointee)