Villages at Mt. Hood Bylaws as amended Feb. 24, 2007.

Article VIII. Board of Directors
Section 4: Qualification, Election and Term, Resignation, and Dismissal

Page 7, lines 12-23
Section 4.1: Qualification
The qualifications and requirements to be a Director on the Board include:
  1. a citizen of the Villages at Mt. Hood.
  2. commitment of the time and being available for key meetings of the
    Board and Village activities.
  3. demonstrated leadership and participation in activies that benefit
    the Villages of Mt. Hood.
  4. demonstrated leadership and assistance in helping other activities
    in making progress.
  5. attendance at a majority of the Board meetings for previous 6 months
    before the election.
  6. commitment to working with and for the benefit of the collective
    Villages at Mt. Hood.