Villages at Mt. Hood Bylaws

Article VIII. Board of Directors

Section 2: Duties
Lines 5-48

The primary duties of Board of Directors are to:
  1. create a community forum, insure public attendance, and gain community consensus on issues impacting the community such as quality of life issues (streetscapes, trails, recreation, youth and social services, etc) that are covered by the supported activities,
  2. work with members of the Villages at Mt. Hood to carry out the assigned Villages at Mt. Hood supported activity. This includes but is not limited to
    1. providing advice, support, and technical assistance in the execution of the supported activities,
    2. working with and getting fulfilled needed county liaison such as allocation of county resources, staff time, creation of fiscal agents,
    3. sharing insights, feedback, contacts, and personal connections to assist in making the activities successful,
    4. helping motivate community involvement in the supported activities,
    5. reviewing progress of the activities,
  3. endorse specific community requests/positions, as approved by majority at a Town Meeting, to the BCC in the context of the Villages at Mt. Hood supported activities:
    1. county resources (land for parks, road work, social services..),
    2. economic development,
    3. maintaining the "rural mountain character" of the Villages,
    4. fiscal management,
    5. county activities as they impact the Villages at Mt. Hood,
    6. grant requests, Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs), interface to other entities.
  4. work with and through the CPOs to gain additional community review and input on issues of maintaining the "rural mountain character" of the area while protecting the rights of individual to utilize their property in conformance with the current laws and ordinances,
  5. work with the county to manage and promote media contact, public relations, outreach to include all members of the community to support activities by creating, updating, publishing, and executing a communication plan,
  6. conduct, with reasonable diligence, all appropriate administrative functions of the Village, including conformance to Oregon Public Records and Meetings Law - ORS 192, yearly budget, bookkeeping, reports, and public meeting requirements, and provide copies of annual budget, bookkeeping, and other administrative reports to the BCC, or when requested by the BCC.
    may create and maintain a Memorandum of Understanding as a binding contract between the Villages at Mt. Hood Board of Directors and the BCC as to the rights, duties and responsibilities of each party,
  7. conduct Town Hall meetings and report annually to the BCC,
  8. fairly and accurately represent the Villages at Mt. Hood to the BCC and other jurisdictions, undertake other duties and responsibilities as determined by the Board of Directors, the citizens, or the BCC.