The Villages at Mt. Hood, Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, February 20, 2007, 4:00 pm, Community Room

Hoodland Fire District #74, Rhododendron, OR


1.      Roll Call

Present:  Rick Applegate, Susan Corwin, Nancy Dougherty, Dave Lythgoe, Don Mench, Bob Reeves, Barbara Saldivar (arrived at 4:20 pm)  Available via Phone Conference:  Shirley Dueber


2.      Call to Order

The Vice Chair Nancy Dougherty called the meeting to order at 4:00 pm.


3.  Election of Board Chair

Vice Chair Nancy Dougherty put herself forward as a candidate.  Shirley Dueber withdrew herself as a candidate. Don Mench nominated Susan Corwin.  Nancy Dougherty read a set of goals for her proposed service as Chair.  Further action was deferred until the arrival of Barbara Saldivar.


4.  Minutes

The January 7, 2007 Board of Directors Work Session minutes were not yet available for Board review and action. Don Mench asked that the additions and changes made to the application to become a Supported Activity be clearly incorporated in those minutes. 

            The January 23, 2007 Board of Directors Meeting minutes were circulated in draft form only.  Peterson noted she had submitted what she considered to be the version but it was circulated.  Corwin moved to table approval of the minutes of that meeting until the next meeting.  The motion was seconded by ___________.  3Discussion:  None.


Vote:  Ayes:  Rick Applegate, Susan Corwin, Nancy Dougherty, Steve Graeper, Davd Lythgoe, Don Mench, Bob Reeves, Barbara Saldivar.  Nays:  None.  Abstentions:  Shirley Dueber  The motion passes.


5.      Board Reports

            a. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Davd Lythgoe noted there was $2,000 available through Clackamas County for the group’s use.  He felt it was essential to have a budget.  He had received a bill for $118.75 for Administrative Assistance but was not sure of the parameters of the agreement and its impact for the budget year.  He asked for additional people to help him with the budget.

            b. Secretary’s Report

The agenda item was passed over as Secretary Barbara Saldivar as not yet available.

            c. Treasurer’s Report

Nancy Dougherty noted there was no report at this time.

            d. Chair Report

Without an elected Chair, there was no report at this time.

            e. Strategic Planning Organization

Shirley Dueber told the Board there had been no SPO meeting since the last Board meeting. Thus there was nothing to report.  The next SPO meeting is set for the second Wednesday in March (14th)


6.      Supported Activity Reports

    1.  Community Center – Barbara Saldivar:  This agenda item was passed over as Barbara Saldivar was not yet present at the meeting.
    2. Strategic Planning Organization—Shirley Dueber:  As Dueber had previously noted, there was no report from that group.
    3. Mountain Express Bus – Bob Reeves. Reeves reported a 968 ridership figure for the month of January.  They are close to launching the Oregon City run for one day a week.  Reeves is optimistic that this will be in place by the first day of the March.
    4. US 26 Streetscape and Pedestrian Paths—Susan Corwin:  Corwin noted that this project was one of 32 projects that made the final cut for ODOT funding consideration.  She should hear the final decision in the next two to three weeks.  Even if the project does not receive funding there, Corwin noted the project has received another grant.  Discussion ensued regarding the formation of the project and the transformation of its name during the process. It was confirmed that the project substance had been included in the original approved application for the formation of the Village status for the group.
    5. Welches/Salmon River Road Bikes Lane—Corwin:  Corwin reminded the Board that this was a path inventory project. It is a project that ultimately would go to the community to get their input and go-ahead to implement the project and how to fund.  With regard to right-of-way details, Corwin noted those would be specified by the state.  A discussion ensued regarding the results of a hand-vote regarding this project at the Rhododendron CPO meeting.  Board member Don Mench, who also serves as the Chair of the Rhododendron CPO, stated he would need to review the minutes to clarify the details of the hand vote.
    6. Zoning and Development Ordinance/Best Known Methods—Don Mench:  Don Mench pointed out that this project was about management of ordinances that dealt with enhancing mountain appearance or character.  Clackamas County has opened up the process for reviewing ideas.  Borge, County Planning, has asked that CPO’s hold off on this project until after the first of the year due to Measure 37 issues.  Both local CPOS are working on this project:  Steve Graeper as Chair of the Mt. Hood Corridor CPO and Don Mench as Chair of the Rhododendron CPO..  
    7. Stream Corridor Restoration:  Don Mench addressed the Board on this topic, noting that the project was coming along well.  He announced an upcoming meeting at The Resort at The Mountain regarding habitat improvement projects along the Salmon River at Resort on their property.  Further, Marmot Dam removal project is on schedule for this year.  More funds are becoming available for stream restoration projects. 
    8. Barlow Trail County Park–Mitch Williams:  Don Mench spoke for Williams who was unavailable for the meeting.  Clackamas County has accepted the application.  It now has 120 days to send it out for public comment, land use review, etc. 
    9. Rhododendron Community Park by Footbridge –Steve Graeper:  Nancy Dougherty reported for project coordinator Steve Graeper.  Steve has applied for a grant to develop a small park next to the swinging pedestrian bridge in the southwest sector of Rhododendron.  County liaison Chris Roth reported that the survey has been scheduled.  It was confirmed that the property was now County owned.
    10. Mountain Heritage Homes–Nancy Dougherty:  Dougherty explained that while she was initially doing intensive inventory of Steiner homes (photos and measurements, etc.) that the project will expand to preserve the history of all heritage homes in the area.  The material will be put into a booklet form.  With regard to the Steiner homes, Dougherty is working with John Steiner and with the Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum. 
    11.  Community Center—Barbara Saldivar:  Saldivar reported that at the Conditional Use Permit Hearing on February 1, a Mulino person spoke against the Center project because one of the proposed uses of the building involved gambling.  Saldivar has followed up with various parties and resolved that issue  She reported that there should be a decision on the CUP by February 26th.  In a discussion that ensued regarding the proposed building’s capacity for parking and meetings, Saldivar noted she did not have the figures with her.


Vice Chair Nancy Dougherty then directed the Board’s attention back to Agenda Item 3:  Election of Board of Directors Chair. 

Dougherty announced herself as a Chair candidate.  She has prepared a letter for resignation for her current Vice Chair position.  Shirley Dueber withdrew her candidacy for the Chair position.  Don Mench nominated Susan Corwin. 

In a discussion that ensued, it was clarified that the community elects Board members, and Board members elect officers. It was also clarified that the timing of the election of Board members is currently as it was first setup.  Changes will be proposed. 

Dougherty read a statement of her goals of service should she be elected Chair.  Susan Corwin presented her document “Susan’s Vision”, a statement of her vision of service should she be elected Chair.  Applegate seconded the nomination of Nancy Dougherty.  Corwin seconded the nomination for Susan Corwin.  There were no further nominations.  Further Discussion:  None.



Susan Corwin:  Susan Corwin, Don Mench;  Nancy Dougherty:  Rick Applegate, Nancy Dougherty, Shirley Dueber, Dave Lythgoe, Bob Reeves, Barbara Saldivar  Abstentions:  None.

Nancy Dougherty was declared the new Chair for the Board of Directors.

With the Vice Chair’s position vacated, Applegate nominated Bob Reeves as Vice Chair.  Barbara Saldivar seconded the nomination.  Don Mench nominated Susan Corwin.  Susan Corwin seconded the nomination.  Discussion:  None.



            Bob Reeves: Rick Applegate, Nancy Dougherty, Shirley Dueber, Bob Reeves, Barbara Saldivar;

Susan Corwin:  Susan Corwin, Dave Lythgoe, Don Mench

            Abstentions:  None.

            Bob Reeves was declared the new Vice Chair for the Board of Directors.


7.       Community Input

a.       Topic:  Community Park Planning Committee.  Speaker:  Keith Schacher.

Schacher told the group that a survey regarding this topic had been published in the Mountain Times to solicit community input.  The deadline for response has been extended until the end of February. The Board encouraged him to bring the survey to the Town Hall Meeting on February 24. 

b.      Topic:  Times for Board of Directors Meetings:  Speaker:  George Wilson.

Wilson felt that many people who would like to be at a Board meeting can’t attend because of their  work schedules.  He asked the Board to consider 7:00 -9:00 pm time frame.  The Chair called for a hand vote.  Five voted for 7:00 to 9:00 pm; three voted for staying the same.    

c.       Topic:  Board Member being Prepared:  Speaker:  Jerry Chinn: 

Chinn noted for the record that it appears the Board members often do not have the materials or files at hand in preparation for answering questions.

d.      Topic:  Availability of Meeting Minutes on Tape:  Speaker George Wilson.

Wilson asked for an update on the availability of the recorded tapes of meetings that he has requested.  There ensued a discussion regarding the problem of copying the mini-cassettes, specifically the availability of equipment for copying.  Peterson stated she believed her company might have the technology to do that.  Dueber will forward the tapes to Peterson for copying and the list of the requested tapes.


8.  Old Business

a. 2007 Administration

i.          Communications.  A variety of organization communication vehicles was reviewed.  Dave Lythgoe offered the draft of a quarter page ad that could be posted in the local newspaper for $135/quarter.  The ad idea was well-received.  Lythgoe will incorporate the costs into his draft of the administration budget.

ii:          Board Meeting Schedule Conflicts:  Barbara Saldivar  noted that she consistently has to leave Board meetings at least 15 minutes early to accommodate another meeting she must attend. After a discussion of the options, it was the Board’s consensus for the Chair and Vice Chair to propose an alternative day and time.  The Board meeting date for March would stay as currently scheduled in the meantime.

iii.                  Ratification of Assignments:  No action.

iv.                 Bylaws Review:  Chair Nancy Dougherty asked Shirley Dueber if someone could take notes at the Strategic Planning Organization meeting.  Shirley Dueber suggested Judith Norval, who was present at the Board meeting.  Norval accepted the task.

b. Town Hall meeting agenda and action plan:  Chris Roth will make 75 copies of the materials that are in existence. 

c.  Community Park & Recreaction Area:  The County Commissioners had a number of questions regarding the project.  They are looking for project overseers Keith Schacher and George Wilson to return with answers.  They emphasized that the process was open and on-going.


9.  Presentations



10.  New Business:

a.         Extra Board of Directors Meeting proposed for April 24, 4:00 to 6:00 pm as another opportunity for people to sign in and to pick up applications to become a Board member.  Don Mench noted that anyone interested in becoming a Board member could make their County application with the Board of County Commissioners now.  Reeves moved to add the Board meeting as noted above; Applegate seconded the motion. Discussion:  It was clarified that a Town Hall Meeting would be held on  May 19, 2007, at which time Board members would be elected. 


Vote:   Ayes:   Rick Applegate, Susan Corwin, Nancy Dougherty, Shirley Dueber, Dave Lythgoe, Don Mench, Bob Reeves, Barbara Saldivar     Nays:   None.      Abstentions:  None.

The motion passed unanimously.


b.         Dave Lythgoe volunteered to spearhead to a communications plan. 


c.         It was confirmed that the next mediation meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 7, 2007, 6:00 to 9:00 pm.


11.    Adjournment

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 6:10 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn Peterson, Mountain Quail Business Services, Inc.





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Pat Buckley                  resident            503.622.1234

Jerry Chinn                   resident            503.622.6372

Amy Cleary                  guest                503.655.8700 

Bob du Biel                  resident            503.622.3272

Ellen Hemmert  resident            503.622.0171

Laurie Hendrickson      resident            503.622.5611

Judith Norval                resident            503.622.5627

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Keith Schacher resident            503.622.1733

Nancy Spencer resident            503.622.4805

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Steve Wilent                 resident            503.622.3289 

George Wilson resident            503.622.0672


Clackamas County Liaison:       Chris Roth