The following is an version edited by Susan Corwin

Minutes of October 17, 2006 meeting
Villages at Mt Hood
Board of Directors Meeting

Draft minutes generated 2007-0114

Roll Call:
Board of Directors Present
Bob Reeves, Susan Corwin, Barbara Saldivar, Nancy Daugherty, Don Mench, Steve Graeper, Shirley Dueber and Rick Applegate
Absence with notice: Dave Lythgoe

3. Approval of Minutes
Corrections to the September board meeting minutes
Corwin had submitted a note summarizing a number of changes.
She also requested that the item on the Community Park labeled "Lengthy discussion" be expanded by the Secretary and Don Mench.

Minutes approved as amended
Motion by Steve Graeper
Seconded by Bob Reeves
Yes Barbara Saldivar, Nancy Daugherty, Bob Reeves, Don Mench, Steve Graeper, Shirley Dueber
No: none
Abstained : Susan Corwin and Rick Applegate
Absent: David Lythgoe
=> Motion approved

4 and 5. Officer/Director and Supported Activity Reports
Bob Reeves: Report on the Mountain Express: Added a new run, ridership at 866 and the bus now goes to Estacada on certain runs.

Nancy Daugherty: Rhododendron home tour Dec 16th and ending a Still Creek Inn
Reservations can be made at the museum.

Barbara Saldivar: New community building. Conditional use permit completed and sent to the planning commission. County putting ODOT on back burner.

Don Mench: Going over the Zoning ordinance change, and have support for the Wilderness bill.

Susan Corwin: US 26 streetscape grant made it through this session.
The Grants submitted were for 64 million and there is only 11 million available.
Sent public comments to Patricia Fisher. The public comments are in Gresham.
The Springwater Three Bridges ribbon cutting is Thursday at 10:30 am

Steve Graeper: Rhododendron CPO did do the beautification project on the Daughters of the American Revolution's monument to the Barlow Trail by planting over 30 rhododendrons.

6. Public Communications
Keith Schacker: Mike Wells met with Dan Zinzer . Dan is concerned about getting to all the organizations and more community involvement. The County Commissioners may want a smaller park.
Re evaluated and reduced to 12 acres.
4 acres along the highway and 3 acres deep
going to revisit Dan Zinzer. The first thing is to get the land.
Discussion on using the least amount of riparian land which is of most value to Western Rivers Conservancy
Development on land is it now economically viable?
Plans for financial grants, presenting to Patty Smith and Rick Metsger.
Want to use funds from this project to support other activities.
Confident we can put this together.

7. Old Business
C. By Laws Review Committee
Working session Nov 8th at the Strategic Planning Organization meeting.
4pm at the main station of Hoodland Fire District..

Motion made by Nancy Daugherty
Seconded by Bob Reeves
Article 15 follow through.
Yes Bob Reeves, Nancy Daugherty, Barbara Saldivar, Don Mench, Steve Graeper, Rick Applegate, Shirley Dueber
No: none
Abstained Susan Corwin
Absent: David Lythgoe
=> Motion approved

D. Budget update
The Costs for mailing?
Christine Roth shared equipment, portable PA , over head projector, screen, etc.
The question of how the money would be obtained. Christine Roth said probably need to put in a voucher.
She also said they are transitioning out of Cogan Owens tentatively done by March of 2007
The eligibility for voting is a burdensome task.
Christine Roth will be at the Villages at Mt Hood Town Hall Meeting.

9. New Business
A. Developing a System to Prioritize Supported Activities
Prioritize the supported activities with commitment to the Bus and the Community Center
Popularity Vote?
Likelihood of success?
Proposal : what comes up first year till May, if not 20 activities do not need to prioritize.
Christine Roth: The Commissioners are looking at the monies.

Address in the by laws to address the supported activities yearly.

Barbara Saldivar. We need to prioritize to show the commissioners we can accomplish things. No matter what the project it is always the same group of volunteers.

Christine Roth: the list gives a goal. Flexible to put effort and opportunity to huge progress.

Susan Corwin made a motion to table till the next board meeting
Steve Graeper seconded it.
Yes votes. Susan Corwin, Steve Graeper, Don Mench, Bob Reeves, Nancy Daugherty, Barbara Saldivar, Shirley Dueber and Rick Applegate.
No and abstain: none
Absent: David Lythgoe
=> Motion approved

B. Community endorsement to rename the existing community center.
Barbara Saldivar: Community Building : re the naming of the Community Building as the Dorman Building in honor of Bob and Althea Dorman. For their 30 years of voluntarily taking care of the building. The Celebration will be Sat.

Bob Reeves made a motion Supporting the naming of the building to the Dorman Building
Seconded by Don Mench
Yes votes.. Don Mench, Bob Reeves, Barbara Saldivar, Nancy Daugherty, Shirley Dueber, Susan Corwin, Steve Graeper and Rick Applegate
No and abstain: none
Absent: David Lythgoe
=> Motion approved

C. Bylaw changes for November Town Hall Meeting: Quorum Issue
By laws changes for the Town Hall meeting
Article 4 section 8
Oregon Public meeting law need 5 members of the board for a quorum.
Motion made by Don Mench to Continue following the State law as we have been doing . Then taking it to the November Town Hall meeting for a reading and then voting on it at the February Town Hall meeting.
Seconded by Susan Corwin
Yes votes. Susan Corwin , Don Mench, Steve Graeper, Bob Reeves, Barbara Saldivar, Nancy Daugherty, Shirley Dueber and Rick Applegate
No and abstain: none
Absent: David Lythgoe
=> Motion approved

D. Request to endorse Mt. Hood Columbia River Gorge Tourism Alliance's Position
Rick Applegate submitted a letter to the Oregon Tourism Commission for endorsement
The issue was about region 7 which is Mt Hood and the Gorge.
They receive about $45,000.00 tourism dollars. In February Portland metro brought a proposal to Mt Hood Columbia River Gorge board to collapse the region and be part of the Portland Metro group. The board decided not collapse region 7 the deciding vote was from Rick Applegate. I was a very well debated issue and there have been no more calls to debate no has there been contact with anyone to reconsider.

Scott Cruickshank explained that the $45,000.00 would have been merged with Portland Metro’s $500,000.00 who then could promote the Gorge and Mt Hood. As it is now they cannot use their money to promote the Gorge and Mt Hood. The make up of the new board if they merged would have been one person from Columbia County, Metro, Washington, Clackamas, the Gorge , and Mt Hood

Discussion: this item has not been seen before and is not understood.
It would seem to not be appropriate for the Board to endorse this letter as it
appears to be a personal item of Chair Rick Applegate.

Rick Applegate withdrew his letter.

E. Developing and managing a communications and media plan - Tabled by Consensus
F. Establishing guidelines for dismissal of a member of the Board of Directors - Tabled by Consensus
G. Improving public attendance - Tabled by Consensus

They will be a priority at the next meeting.

Barbara was excused at 5:50

10. Town Hall meeting discussion
Don Mench: Support the Wilderness Senate Bill ratified.

11. Adjournment
Steve Graeper made a motion to Adjourn
Nancy Daugherty seconded it
Yes votes, Steve Graeper, Nancy Daugherty, Don Mench, Susan Corwin, Shirley Dueber, Bob Reeves and Rick Applegate
No and abstain: none
Absent: David Lythgoe
=> Motion approved

Meeting adjourned at 6:05

Respectfully submitted
Shirley Dueber