Villages at Mt Hood
Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes approved in BOD meeting of January 23, 2007

November 21, 2006

 Chairperson Rick Applegate called the meeting to order at 4:07pm

Roll Call: Rick Applegate, Bob Reeves, Steve Graeper, Barbara Saldivar, Susan Corwin, Don Mench, Shirley Dueber.
Excused Absence:  Dave Lythgoe, Nancy Daugherty

 Minutes from Oct. - Tabled

CPO Mount Hood Corridor:  Don Mench  No changes
Strategic Planning :  Shirley Dueber  Nothing to report

Input from Citizens
Deb Stephens presented a letter about concerns with  the proposed amphitheater
Keith Schacker verbally responded to some of the concerns in Deb Stephen's letter
About anything in writing about receiving dollars from the sale of this land to Western Conservancy ?
  => County Commissioners to make the decision on whether any funds would be utilized for the Villages
A provisional vote was taken at the November Town Hall Meeting on the Community Park and Amphitheater project.
George Wilson - Said he had a complaint with a board member of the Villages at Mt Hood  Susan Corwin.  He asserted that that Susan Corwin was personally taking administrative fees acquired by the Barlow Trail Assn. and then went on to mention Oregon statues.
=> no data or information was presented to substantiate the allegation.

General Business

A. ODOT US 26 Pedestrian Path Grant: Susan Corwin
       nothing new

B. Mountain Express:  Bob Reeves 
Now have 6 runs per day, ridership  919
Report from the Dec 7th meeting  projects discussed,  increased runs, weekend runs,  a run to Oregon City once a week and an early morning  run on Thursday and Friday.

 C. Budget
P.O. Box   Don Mench said could use CPO’s  P.O. Box
Town Hall mailers   insert and printing $260.00
Bulk Mailing:  County has Bulk Mailing permit that could be used
Sandy Post ads could be used
Christine Roth 
         - has access to meeting support items like a P.A.  System
Bylaws allow secret ballot in the Town Hall meeting.
Bylaws allow a paid "Assistant Secretary" to create minutes
         Authorize by next meeting

D. Community Park and Recreation
The Village Board endorsed a letter to Dan Zinzer to set aside 15 acres revised to 12 acres.
Don Mench:  conflict with statement there is now a wilderness designation.
         Will need 4 to 5 acres for parking 800 cars
         Budget for fire hydrant cost is wrong
          Budget under (one million dollars) $1,000,000.00
          He sees it as away over a million dollars
          They have not established a tax exempt status yet
           Project needs more detail
Bob Reeves:
       Board of County Commissioners wanted more detail
       Feasibility studies
       Solid contract costs (numbers that will hold up under scrutiny
       They saw as a multi million dollar project
        Question on when the sale would take place?
        The entire process could be moved back so the new commissioner could be brought up to date. 

Consistency of was another concern
Also a higher degree of responsibility 

Remarks by George Wilson:
      Being bombarded with questions
      Citizen based project
      This isn't in competition with other projects

The Board members state that they want to help the project be successful, gain approval

Steve Graeper made the Motion to accept the application for the Villages at Mt Hood Community Park and Recreation Facility and if passes the scrutiny of the County Commissioners will be forwarded to the February Town Hall Meeting.
Changes by Dec 6th
Seconded by Bob Reeves

 Discussion on Community Park and Amphitheater:
       County Land?
       When you have a supported activity who is responsible for the operation and maintenance?
       Is there a need for it?
       Cart before the horse what if land is taken?
        Need dialog with the county

Christine Roth
       If any issue turning back the land to BLM
       What if don’t get the land?  Will they proceed ahead?
       Need to correct inaccuracies on page 3 top of the page 

Rather than a vote
Bob Reeves withdrew his second
Steve Graeper withdrew his motion

Action item for Board members: 
Get a list of additional concerns to Rick Applegate next Tuesday November 28th 2006.  He will combine all the issues and give to the team.

 Christine Roth:  direction of potential sale and supply concerns the Board of County Commissioners

 F. Prioritizing activities - tabled

 New Business:

A. Resignation of Secretary

Shirley Dueber agreed to remain secretary if there was help with the minutes starting in the December meeting

 B. Community Complaint Resolution discussion

Grievance Committee,  Board and Community members
Ethical response,  use CPO’s as a chair
Clackamas County has a dispute Resolution Center
Only agree to mediate if both parties agree to mediate
Contact person  Amy Cleary
Verify the validity of the complaint
Public process
This could be executive session material for the board of directors

 New Business items C, D, E, and H were tabled

C. Developing and managing a communications and media plan
D. Improving public attendance
E. Establishing guidelines for dismissal of a member of the Board of Directors
H. Large project (Supported Activities) management

 F. BOCC debrief study session

Christine Roth : staff report was to not accept Amphitheater/community park
Susan Corwin: Staff looking for clear support
      Did not authorized Community Input on County Lands due to unavailability of the proposal
=> BOD needs to provide input to staff about staff report to study session
      Set up discussion with Christine Roth before work session
      Contact applicant for information
Also, need to make sure all board members receive  email
Need to see final letters so confusion like this doesn't happen 

G. debrief on Town Hall Meeting

Comment form
What services can we expect from county in supporting Town Halls?
Need to get the check list on Web and keep it updated
Balloting good function
Number of people checking in
Percentages of votes
Can' vote on motions introduced at the Town Hall Meetings: must be notified to the community before hand.

I. Timely Availability of Materials

Materials available to BOD at least 7 days before

Adjourned  6:11 pm   Unanimous