Comments on Villages at Mt. Hood BOD Minutes for Oct. and Dec. 2006
Susan Corwin
Jan. 14, 2007

Minutes of Dec. 19, 2006 meeting

  1. Page 2, line 3 "Bike Trails" should be "US 26 Pedestrian Paths and Streetscape"
  2. 2. Page 3 line 1 "Sherrie McGrath" should be "Cherie McGinnis"
  3. Page 4 line 30 "accent" should be "accept"

Minutes of Oct. 17, 2006

  1. All motions
         a. should note where there are any "no" or "abstain"
         b. should note if motion has passed or failed.
  2. Page 1 line 11 Corrections to the September minutes should reference the document with the corrections or include them
  3. the list presented is very incomplete
  4. Page 1 line 26 "Stillcreek lodge" should be "Still Creek Inn"
  5. Page 1 line 40 might be clearer to note that the area was the DoAR monument
    "Steve Graeper: Rhododendron CPO did do the beautification project on the Daughters of the American Revolution's monument to the Barlow Trail by planting over 30 rhododendrons."
  6. Page 1 line 45 - Zinzer requested more community input on the Amphitheater project => was there any follow up?
  7. Page 2 line 6 "Motion made by Nancy Dougherty"
    => motion needs to be documented
  8. Page 2 line 8 "Article 15 follow through" - ????
  9. Page 2 line 26 "likelyhood" should be likelihood"
  10. Page 2 line 30/31 Do these two lines below up at Page 1 line 49?
  11. Page 2 line 30 "Discussion on the least reparion value to Western Conservancy"
    a. should be "Western Rivers Conservancy"
    b. "...on the least reparion value to.." should this be
    "...on using the least amount of riparian land, which has the most value to..."
  12. Page 2 line 31 add question mark at the end
  13. Page 2 line 37 "flexable" should be "flexible"
  14. Page 3 line 6 - "quorm" should be "quorum"
  15. Page 3 line 21 - "Cruicksank" should be "Cruickshank"
  16. Page 3 line 26 - summary of discussion should be included
    "Discussion: this item has not been seen before and is not understood.
      It would seem to not be appropriate for the Board to endorse this letter as it
      it appears to be a personal item of Chair Rick Applegate:
  17. Page 3 line 27 -"Table Items D, F, and G" should be
       "By consensus, tabled E, F, and G
         E. Developing and managing a communications and media plan
         F. Establishing guidelines for dismissal of a member of the Board
             of Directors
         G. Improving public attendance
         They will be a priority at the next meeting."
    where the itemization is from the revised agenda of Oct. 11 that includes the proposed Bylaw change in Quorum