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Resolutions Passed by the Board of Directors

Please note: it appears that these resolutions are meaningless unless County Employee Chris Roth "likes" them. Otherwise they are honored when "convenient" by the current board.
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Procedural resolutions: those concerned with process
  1. P2006-0815-1: Motion - all Board of Directors communication with the County go through Cheri McGinnis or designee as the point of contact with the county and reply to the whole board.
  2. P2006-0815-2: Motion: all substantive, Villages at Mt. Hood related, communication: emails, telephones calls, and written materials, with Clackamas County must be provided to the rest of the Board members
  3. P2006-1017-1: Motion for the BOD to follow the State Mandated Bylaws change for"Quorum and Action" to require "more than 1/2 of the BOD members to make a decision or to reject a decision", i.e. members of the board for a quorum or decision, as we happen to have been doing . The proposed change will be taken it to the November Town Hall meeting for a reading and then voting on it at the February Town Hall meeting.
  4. P2006-1219-1: motion to use the proposal draft Bylaw Review Process, as amended, as the working document of interim policies and procedures. (see below)
  5. P2006-1219-2:.motion to adopt the 9 BOD process and procedure changes as identified in the "Three Glitches" note and as amended.
  6. P2006-1219-2-1: Agenda items clear in scope and desired action
    All agenda items shall be clear as to scope and desired action.
  7. P2006-1219-2-2: Resolutions in written form
    All proposed, non-administrative, resolutions of the Villages at Mt. Hood Board of Directors shall be made available in written form to the Board and to the audience before a vote is taken: recommended practice is utilization of an overhead projector or laptop projector but paper copies can be utilized if no changes are made.
  8. P2006-1219-2-3: Chair responsible for insuring resolutions understood
    The Meeting Chair shall make reasonable effort to insure that the implications of a proposed resolution are understood by the Board and by the Audience, especially project teams impacted by the resolution
  9. P2006-1219-2-4: All materials available 7 days before meeting
    Any and all materials for presentation shall be provided to the Board at least 7 days before the Board meeting
  10. P2006-1219-2-5: BOD defined community process for large resource proposed projects Any project proposing the dedication or use of significant amounts of community or county resources shall require discussion at a Town Hall meeting and other community input venues, as identified by the BOD, before requesting "supported activity status".
  11. P2006-1219-2-6: Final drafts of letters available at meeting
    "Final drafts" of any and all requested "letters of support", motions, etc requested by non-board members and, preferably, by Directors as well, shall be provided to the Board at least 7 days before the Board meeting. Such drafts may be amended or edited at the meeting but all such edits shall be displayed to the Board and the audience before a vote is taken. At any time in the discussion, any Director may state that the changes exceed what can easily understand, at which statement, the item will be tabled until the next meeting where a revised version is to follow this process.
  12. P2006-1219-2-7: Chair pro-temp gets Chairs signature on letters
    Any Board of Directors official correspondence approved at a Board meeting shall be taken by the Chair of that meeting to the Chair of the BOD for signature.
  13. P2006-1219-2-8: Official correspondence by Secretary
    Per the Bylaws, any and all official correspondence of Villages at Mt. Hood Board of Directors shall be handled by the Secretary or the designee of the Secretary. If delegated, the Secretary will still be responsible for insure correct process, distribution, and archiving.
  14. 14. P2006-1219-2-9: Each Director personally responsible for distribution of communications
    Each Director is responsible for insuring that "official correspondence" they create, distribute, send, or receive to or from the county, any other external agency or person, shall be copied in its entirety to the entire Board in a timely fashion. This includes press
    releases, complaints, response to complaints, etc. Posting on the web site and notification of the precise location of such posting shall satisfy this requirement and is preferred for large documents.
  15. P2006-0506-Bylaws - All BOD meetings are subject to Oregon Public Records and Meeting Laws, specifically
    1. open to the public
    2. must be announced at least 7 calendar days before the day such meeting is held with an agenda
    3. announcement on the web site and in the library at least 7 calendar days prior to the day such meeting is to be held.
  16. P2007-0424-1: Motion - to use the first and last names consistently in the minutes starting with those taken at this meeting.
  17. P2007-0424-2: Motion - henceforth corrections for the minutes should be submitted in writing prior to the Board meeting
  18. P2007-0605-1:Motion to remove the word “minimum” from the current public meeting notification policy and procedure.
    The current Posting Policy is thus all 6 places are mandatory:
    1. Mountain Times and Sandy Post, if practical
    2. County Web Site
    3. Villages at Mt. Hood Web Site
    4. 3 Post Offices (Welches, Rhododendron, and Brightwood)
    5. Breezeway at Thriftway
    6. Fires Station Reader Board
  19. P2008-0105 Motion by Applegate adopt a shorter minutes format as approved by County Counsel (which requires also having audio of the meeting available)

Process to Amend and Update Village Bylaws

(PDF version)

I. Individual/proponent creates a proposed change

  1. A well formed proposal is brought forward by an individual who will then represent the proposal to the community in the appropriate meetings. The form of such a proposal is:
    1. problem statement: what is the issue being addressed,
    2. an exact wording and placement of proposed replacement/addition text
    3. rationale for the change: what is not happening that is essential.
  2. The individual shall submit a "Proposal for Bylaws Change" simultaneously to:
    1. the Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee,
    2. the Board of Directors of the Villages at Mt. Hood
    3. the Web Master for the web site in time for inclusion of an announcement of "BOD Bylaws Working Meeting" in the
      Mountain Times by the Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. (email, plain text preferred)

II. Strategic Planning uses an "open and public process" to sanitize

  1. The Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee will insure adequate public notice is made of the "BOD Bylaws Working Meeting" to meet ORS 192 requirements and maintain the faith and trust of our mountain community.
  2. The proposed change shall be available to the community on the web and in the library at least 7 days before the meeting.
  3. The proposed change shall be reviewed with Clackamas County Legal Counsel before the Strategic Planning Meeting and the results of that consultation made available to the meeting.
  4. The Strategic Planning Committee meeting will have an open and public discussion on the proposed change.
  5. With agreement of the individual bringing forward the proposal, changes may be made in the wording of the proposal. If the proposal is incomplete or requires wording changes in areas that have not been specified, then the proposal will be tabled to allow the individual to bring forward a complete replacement proposal.
  6. Consensus is the desired result but a hand vote will be taken.
  7. If a majority of the people present are in favor of the change, the proposed changealong with the vote totals shall be brought forward to the next timely BOD but always assuring at least 7 days notice and availability of the proposed change.
  8. If the proposal is *not* approved, it may not be reconsidered for at least 3 months.
III. The Villages at Mt. Hood Board of Directors will review and recommend changes to the Strategic planning Committee and/or forward to the Town Hall
  1. The BOD, after consideration of the proposed change approved by the Strategic Planning Committee, shall decide whether to "endorse" the proposed change.
  2. The BOD will forward the proposed changes and the BOD recommendation to the BCC for approval. If approved, the changes will be taken to Town Hall.

IV. Proposed change must be approved at a Town Hall

  1. Reading at a first Town Hall Meeting
    => At the first Town Hall meeting where adequate notice can be provided,
    1. the proposed change as approved by the Strategic Planning Committee,
    2. the results of the voting at the Strategic Planning Committee, and
    3. the results of the roll call vote at the BOD meeting shall be made available to the Citizens of the Villages at Mt. Hood for review and discussion
    => Key issues in the Town Hall Meeting discussion will be captured and made available to the community and on the web.
    => The individual bringing forward the proposed change may, at this point, withdraw the change or send it "back to committee" for further discussion.
  2. Voting at subsequent next Town Hall Meeting
    The proposal will again be reviewed and a paper ballot taken to accept or reject it.

Temporal resolutions: those concerned with moving forward
  1. T2006-0613-1: Affirmation to BCC of "supported activity" status for "US 26 pedestrian paths and Streetscape"
  2. T2006-0613-2: Letter of Support for "US 26 pedestrian paths and Streetscape" supported activity
  3. T2006-0718-1: Motion that the BOD endorse the CPO letter as written and that the Chair or appointee should write a brief letter to the BCC documenting the endorsement
  4. T2006-0718-2: Motion to endorse "Bike Paths: Salmon River Road and Welches Road" as a supported activity
  5. T2006-0718-2: Motion to endorse "ZDO changes and BKMs To Enhance Mountain Character" a supported activity
  6. T2006-0815-1: Motion to submit the 2 proposed supported activities reviewed by the BCC as outlined in the voter packet and the other 9 as conditionally proposed with any other requirements
    => both proposed supported activities were approved at Town Hall of 2006-0819.
    => the other 9 activities each received over 2/3s vote as "medium" or "high" priority
  7. T2006-0815-2: Motion: Letter of support to endorse the County Cedar Ridge Land Trade and a Letter of Support of HB 5025 to be referred to the Town Hall for endorsement
    => both were approved at Town Hall of 2006-0819 with no opposition
  8. T2006-0919-1: Motion to adopt the application of the Barlow Trail Park as a supported activity by this board and to forward it to the County Commissioners to be ratified at the next Town Hall Meeting
    => the proposed supported activity was approved at Town Hall of 2006-1118
  9. T2006-0919-2: Motion to adopt the application of the Rhododendron Community Bridge Park by this board and to forward it to the board of County Commissioners to be ratified at the next Town Hall Meeting
    => the proposed supported activity was approved at Town Hall of 2006-1118
  10. T2006-0919-3: Motion to adopt the application “Input on county lands for Recreation” by this board to forward to the County Commissioners to be ratified at the next Town Hall Meeting by a hand vote with the green and yellow cards
    => the proposed supported activity was approved at Town Hall of 2007-0224
  11. T2006-0919-4: Motion to adopt the Stream Restoration application by this board to forward it to the County Commissioners to be ratified at the next Town Hall Meeting in November by a hand vote
    => the proposed supported activity was approved at Town Hall of 2006-1118
  12. T2006-0919-5: Motion to adopt this application to go forward by this board to the County Commissioners to be considered for approval and be ratified at the November Town Hall Meeting
    => the proposed supported activity was approved at Town Hall of 2006-1118
  13. T2006-0919-6: motion for a letter to be written to Dan Zinzer giving the Village Boards permission for reserving the 15 acres for a future community park
    => an incorrect letter was written and delivered only to the County by the Chair but never distributed to the BOD nor ever corrected
  14. T2006-1017-1: motion Supporting the renaming of the Hoodland Community Center building to the "Dorman Center"
  15. T2006-1017-2: Motion to support the "Quorum and Action" Bylaw change by taking it to the November Town Hall meeting for a reading and then voting on it at the February Town Hall meeting. (this is the second half of P2006-1017-1)
  16. T2006-1219-1: motion to accept Mountain Quail Business Services, Inc.’s services for creation of BOD meeting minutes
  17. T2006-1219-2: motion to send "Community Park and Amphitheater" go to the Board of County Commissioners as a proposed supported activity for the Village of Mt. Hood.
    => the BCC did not allow the proposed project to go forward.
  18. T2006-1219-3: motion the Board have a workshop in January to address organizational policies and procedures, including by-laws revision, a process for prioritization of projects, and a process of bringing supported activities to the Town Hall meeting.
  19. T2006-1219-4: motion to approve the letter of endorsement for the Barlow Trail County Park's application for an Oregon Parks Recreational Trails Grant with the correction noted above.
  20. T2007-0123-1: Motion to refer the document on "Action on Citizen Complaint" to the Strategic Planning organization to incorporate community input
  21. T2007-0123-2: Motion that Marilyn Peterson (Mountain Quail Business Services, Inc.) take minutes at the Town Hall Meeting
  22. T2007-0220-1: Motion to add extra BOD meeting on April 24, 2006 from 4-6 pm
  23. T2007-0220-1: Motion to add extra BOD meeting on April 24, 2006 from 4-6 pm
  24. T2007-0320-1: Vote on Chair's ill-formed statement to re-vote on Community Input on County Lands at the next Town Hall; no motion nor second was recorded.
  25. T2007-0320-2: motion to place Lythgoe proposed ads and logo contest in Mountain Times and Sandy Post
  26. T2007-0417-1: motion to authorize Chair and Secretary to acquire a PO Box
  27. T2007-0417-2: motion to not do a mailer for the Town Hall meeting
  28. T2007-0417-3: motion to forward Community Input on County Lands to the May Town Hall for vote as a "supported activity".
  29. T2007-0417-4: motion to place ads in the May issues of the Mountain Times and Sandy Post
  30. T2007-0424-1: motion to order the anniversary cakes for the Town Hall Meeting, May 19, 2007, at an approximate cost of $50
  31. T2007-0424-2: motion to accept the County’s recommendation to mail a postcard for the Annual Meeting, Town Hall Meeting, may 19, 2007.
  32. T2007-0424-3: motion for the Villages at Mt. Hood Board to write a letter of support for the Lewis and Clark Mt. Hood Wilderness Act of 2007
  33. T2007-0515-1: motion to have the Treasurer Dave Lythgoe open a checking account at Clackamas County Bank with the President Nancy Dougherty, the Vice President Bob Reeves and the Treasurer Dave Lythgoe as signers on the account.
  34. T2007-0515-2: motion to table a discussion of the Required Locations to post for meetings until the June 2007 Board meeting where the Board can consider the full question, including at what point the Villages would not hold a meeting.
  35. T2007-0515-3: motion to adopt the drafted bylaws dated May 14, 2007, and move them through the Board of County Commissioners and Town Hall Meeting process.
  36. T2007-0703-1: motion to reaffirm Board meeting starting time as 4:00 pm, on the first Tuesday of each month.
  37. T2007-0703-2: motion for the bylaws as written with a date of June 21, 2007, be forwarded to the August 11, 2007 Town Hall Meeting for a first reading.
  38. T2007-0703-3: motion that the current and draft policies and procedures be available for the public to review at the August 11, 2007, Town Hall Meeting
  39. T2007-0805-1: per dictate from the County, motion T2007-0703-2 is rescinded so that the bylaws can proceed to a vote at the next Town Hall
  40. T2007-0821-1: motion to adopt Clackamas County Website as the Official Website of the Villages at Mt. Hood. Now, therefore, be it resolved, that the Villages at Mt. Hood’s official website will be .
  41. T2007-0904-1: approval of Treasurer's report
  42. T2007-1002-1: motion to pay the dues to be a member of the Chamber
  43. T2007-1106-1: corollary action to approval of the minutes
    R ick Applegate demanded that his statements regarding
    the Villages at Mt. Hood being interested in hosting the County’s Justice Court should there
    be some cost sharing conditions achieved
    be stricken from the record.
  44. T2007-1106-2: motion to refer Applegate's proposal to Rhody CPO for "some representation from each CPO" to the Dueber Strategic Planning Group
  45. T2008-0208-1: motion to make the third Wednesday of each month from 1-3pm a regular "work/study session"
  1. M2006-0522: - amended version approved 2007-0417
  2. M2006-0613: - amended version approved 2007-0417
  3. M2006-0718: - amended version approved 2007-0417
  4. M2006-0815: - amended version approved 2007-0417
  5. M2006-0919: - amended version approved 2007-0417
  6. M2006-1017: - amended version approved 2007-0123
  7. M2006-1121: - amended version approved 2007-0123
  8. M2006-1219: - amended version approved 2007-0417
  9. M2007-0107: - approved with changes 2007-0320
  10. M2007-0123: - approved with changes 2007-0320
  11. M2007-0220: - approved with changes 2007-0320
  12. M2007-0320: - approved with changes 2007-0417
  13. M2007-0417: - approved with changes 2007-0424
  14. M2007-0425: - approved with changes 2007-0515
  15. M2007-0515: - approved with changes 2007-0605
  16. M2007-0605 - version approved with changes 2007-0807
  17. M2007-0703 - version approved 2007-0803
  18. M2007-0805 - version approved 2007-0821
  19. M2007-0821 - version approved 2007-0904
  20. M2007-0904 - version approved 2007-1002
  21. M2007-1002 - version approved with changes including removing Applegate's proposal to host the County's Justice Count, 2007-1106
  22. M2007-1106 - version approved with changes 2007-1204
  23. M2007-1204 - version approved 2007-0108
  24. M2008-0108 - version approved 2008-0205 with correct to attendance
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